Benjamin Chapman

I've had a land deed for about 25 years that is handwritten recording the sale of land/property to Thomas Gallup by J. Benjamin Chapman, yeoman, of Plainfield in the County of Whindham and Colony of Connecticut in New England. It being the thirty-fifth lot in number drawn by
Daniel Woodare... One whole share in the town of Plainfield in New Hampshire which share contains in it a river lot already laid out it is dated 5 day of July 1765 in the 5th Year of His Majesty's Reign. It is witnessed by Joshua Frink and Jemima Chapman. It is authorized (?) in the presence of Isaac Coit, Justice of Peace...

Benjamin Chapman                                                           Aug. 6, 2014

A few years I did a genealogy book on the Descendants of Benjamin Chapman. He was born 10/6/1796 in Georgia and died 4/10/1855 in Drew County, Arkansas. I was not able to go back any further than Benjamin.
I saw something on the internet today that listed some information about my Benjamin and had your name as the contact person. I do not know how much information you have on Benjamin, but I am pretty sure he died in Drew County, Arkansas even though there is not a marked grave for him in the Chapman Cemetery there, and none of the Chapmans there knew where he was buried. I am pretty sure that Benjamin's wife was Sara Barksdale and they were married in Monroe County, Georgia on 4/3/1827
Benjamin and Sarah's children were John Daniel, Abner, William C., Martha Ann, Sarah E., Seborn H., Caroline Frances, and Solomon Dudley Chapman.
I am a descendant of John Daniel, who married Mary Anderson.