Carlton T. Chapman

I am doing an article on the North Shore Bicycling Tours of the 1880s and came across the name of Carlton T. Chapman as having participated. It seems likely that he was your CTC since he was an artist, specializing in marine art, and Gloucester was definitely a maritime city. Do you have any other information which would identify him as one and the same person? I can find no further local information about him, so I suspect that he was, as described, part of the summer population in the Gloucester area.

Lorenz Finison

Catherine Chapman

Anna Dorsey Cooke Allison has contacted CFA looking for information on Catherine Chapman, who married Francis Whlting Cooke about 1840 in Gloucester County, VA. She died October 22, 1870. Her parents were THOMAS CHAPMAN and FANNY [FRANCES ?]

Catherine Chapman McCauley                                                          Sep. 19, 2013

I ran across your site today and I have been researching James McCauley and Catherine Chapman McCauley family. I have been trying for
several years to find a complete list of their children. I have seen a portion of James McCauley’s will from Maury Co., Tenn. where it lists several of the children. I am trying to make a connection for Henry McCauley born March 30, 1815 somewhere in Tennessee. I know that Henry was in Tallahatchie Co., Miss. because he got married there around 1839 to a Clarissa Voss and had several children while in Tallahatchie Co. He sold land there around 1845 or 1846 to a Mary Ann (McCauley) Henderson married to William Henderson before he left Tallahatchie to move to the east Texas area. Henry and Clarissa came to Dike, Hopkins Co., Texas with Clarissa’s family and settled this area of Texas and remained there, the rest of their lives. I have contacted Tallahatchie Co., Miss. and tried to get information that might possibly
make that connection that Henry sold land to his older sister Mary Ann and her husband William Henderson before leaving for Texas but I had no help from the Tallahatchie area making that connection. I believe that Mary Ann McCauley Henderson left or divorced William Henderson and may have in fact come to the Hopkins Co., Texas area at some point with some of her children, perhaps because her little brother lived her. I have been searching for more than 10 years to make some type of connection with who Henry McCauley’s parents and siblings actually were. Any information that you can give to me on this family would be greatly appreciated. I am just grasping at straws at this point to find out who was Henry’s family.

Chapmans in Michigan

I am a Chapman descendent, and have been trying to find information on my line. I stumbled on the Chapman Family Association website tonight, and while going through it I did not see anything on my line. However, I wanted to contact you anyway and maybe add my brief information if you would like it. My Chapman’s come out of Detroit, Michigan, and I am at a standstill in going back further. Do you know of Chapman’s with Michigan ancestors?

Chapmans of Lingfield

Hi my Nan May Thompson (nee Chapman) died early this year at 105 in Leek Staffordshire. As a point of interest I came across your site and wondered if you had any information about the Chapmans of Lingfield and before? Our Nans grandfather came to Leek around the 1850s from Lingfield

Chapman & Raffensperger Business

I have more than 250 papers that belonged to my great-great-grandfather, Daniel Shidler (1787–1864), who lived in Berlin Township, Holmes County, OH, from 1831 to1839. During the latter part of that period he exchanged wheat and other farm produce for merchandise and cash at Navarre, OH, which is in Stark County, and which had the advantage of being a port on the Ohio & Erie Canal. Attached are copies of five receipts (editor note: please contact Mr. Shidler for copies) from such transactions. I try to obtain as much information as possible about all the other people whose names appear on my ancestor’s documents in order to better understand the world in which he lived. I am publishing the results of these investigations as a series of articles in Mennonite Family History magazine.

Is any information available on the Chapman & Raffensperger business? On the web I found a Johannes Raffensperger (b 1782 York Co, PA; d 1848 Stark Co, OH) and his son Enos Raffensperger (b 1809 PA; d 1877 Stark Co, OH). Enos was married to Rosanna Chapman (1810–1893). From information I found on your website, I believe the partnership was Enos Raffensperger and a William Chapman.

I am interested in any information you can supply on the Chapman & Raffensperger business and people. Please advise me of any applicable fees. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide.

Charles Chapman and Elizabeth DeWitt

I recently came across some information through Ancestry DNA and was hoping that you could help me connect a few dots. My DNA match came across a direct descendent of Charles Chapman and Elizabeth DeWitt, and matched me as a 2nd cousin to that individual.
Unfortunately my connections through the Chapman side that I know have all passed and my knowledge only goes up to my grandfather Wallace J Chapman born in Chesterfield, SC in 1920 (my father's name is Wallace Edward Chapman and I know I am related to many of the Chapman's in Society Hill, SC).
On record, my great grandparents names are Dorrell Chapman and Alace (or Alice) McMillan (which is coincidentally the maiden name of the son of Charles Chapman's son, Calvin Edward Chapman's wife). I also researched slaves in the household and it seems that there was a census that showed Calvin's son (James A. Chapman), had five slaves in his household as well as his father Calvin, wife, and children.

I was wondering if you had come across any information on the slaves that James A. Chapman had acquired?

Cleore Elizabeth Chapman

Requesting information on their 2nd greatgrandmothers, and her parents and siblings. Mikki is looking for the parents and siblings of Cleore Elizabeth Chapman, b 1815 in Hartford, CT and who md 1835, Marshall Hayden Tryon, Jr. Mikki found their name and marriage date, along with an Octavia Chapman who married Hiram King in 1833, and both were married by the same minister, a Rev. G. F. Davis, within a few yrs of each other and Miikki is hoping this might mean Mikki is close to finding Cleore's parents. Mikki have also came across Clooria and Clarissa and Mikki knows that old handwritten records can sometimes be mistranslated. Mikki needs any light on this mysterious Cleore.

Clinton Chapman

Bob Dickey has contacted CFA looking for information on a Clinton Chapman, with whom he served with in Viet Nam. They were in Mike Company, 3rd battalion, 27th Marine regiment (M Co. 3/27)

Cornelia Clyde "Cora" Chapman

I was doing some family research and I was given some information that lead me to your web site. A little information about what I am doing/looking for. My great grandfather was Charles Quint Smith. His parents were Dr. William Edward Smith and Cora C. Chapman or Chatman. I was told that her full name was Cornelia Clyde "Cora" Chapman, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth McDonald Chapman. He is the son of William and Margaret Chapman and he is the son of James and Elizabeth Chapman. Now I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and I was looking at some people that fought in the Revolutionary War ad there is a James Chapman born 1749 died 1782 and I looked on and found that someone's family tree lists this James Chapma born 1749 died 1783. Do you know if this is the same James Chapman? If so I would like to use him as a patriot ancestor. I would need to find proof of lineage and was hoping your site could assist with finding the proof of lineage but any help would be nice even if its just confirming that Cora C. Chapman is the daughter of Thomas.