Rev. Edgar T. Chapman

I am the Historian for the Town of Colonie, N.Y. and the Village of Menands, which is one of two villages within the Town of Colonie. Several months ago I was contacted by a fellow named Steve Wiezbicki of Colorado who is in the process of writing a book about N.Y.’s 169th Volunteers during the Civil War. The Chaplain for this regiment was Rev. Edgar T. Chapman who was affiliated with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy, N.Y. Chapman’s affiliation with Troy’s 169th is extremely interesting.
Immediately after the Civil War ended, Chapman was the assistant rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy and was responsible for the construction of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in the Village of Green Island, N.Y. just west of Troy. Chapman later built the small church in the Village of Menands called the Free Church of St. Margaret’s, in the late 1880’s. In the 1890’s Chapman had a stained glass window dedicated to the men of Troy’s 169th installed in the Free Church of St. Margaret. A black and white image of this window appears in a publication called the Swartwout Chronicles (attached). The windows were removed from this church and sold in the 1980’s and we have recently located the Chapman 169th window to be in private hands in Schenectady, N.Y.
The Rev. Chapman lived on the Troy Road just south of the present day City of Watervliet. The Troy road is now called Rt. 32 Broadway. Apparently his home burned in the early 20th Century. Chapman is buried in the Hamilton family plot at the Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands. Chapman was born in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1829(?) and died here locally in 1911.
I would very much be interested in corresponding with any descendants of Rev. Edgar T. Chapman, who also had a son by the same name. I am interested in any photos of the family or the house as it stood before the fire. I would hope that all of Chapman’s worldly goods were not consumed by the fire.

Edward Chapman

I have been searching my Chapman roots for quite some time and have come across your website. While I can’t find any of my ancestors to match those you have on the site, I sincerely believe I have a place there. If I do, I will be happy to join your association. Below is a quick outline of my generations as far as I can go back using my sources and There are rumors from my grandmother that we are one of the “first families of Virginia” and we are descended from an “Ancient Planter”. The first family thing may have come from my grandmother’s side. She was a Wilson that goes way back in Virginia history and I am working on her, too. Would you be able to validate any
of my Chapman findings? I would appreciate any help that you are able to give me.

Thank you.

1. Karen Chapman Frederick Neely: b. 5/9/1945 (PA)

2. Horace Calvert Chapman: b. 8/28/1907 (PA) d. 6/15/1995 (PA) (father to Karen)

3. Bowyer Douglas Chapman: b. 11/1/1881 (VA) d. 9/1962 (PA) (father to Horace)

4. Buford Clay Chapman: b. 5/9/1848 (VA) d. 1/16/1926 (VA) (father to Bowyer)

5. Nathaniel O. Chapman Jr., “Nathan” b. 1805 (VA) d. 1880 (VA) (father to Buford)

6. Nathaniel Chapman: b. 5/3/1761 (VA) d. 2/29/1829 (VA) (father to Nathaniel “Nathan”)

7. John or Jonathan Chapman: b. 1730 (Eng) d. 1790 (VA) (father to Nathaniel)

8. Edward Chapman: b. 1681 (Eng) d. ? (father to John or Johathan)

Edward Chapman

My name is Page Chapman III (male), and , after 77 years or so, I have decided to do some tracing of family history, and, in particular, where the name Page came from. I started out working through and after a few days discovered the Chapman Family website. I THINK I trace back to the Edward Chapman line, but there are a few blanks along the way.

Edward Chapman

I'm asking for help to get information on my grandfather Edward Chapman dob 02/28/1934, dod 07/22/1996. My father is Frank Lee Chapman dob 02/22/1940, dod 9011. Brothers are Eddy and Thomas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Elam Sharp Chapman                                                                          Nov. 19, 2014

I am a descendant of Elam Sharp Chapman married to May 1855 in Pickens, SC and was married to Martha Aiken. I have his father as Jackson Chapman born about 1815 in Pickens, SC and his mother as Artimissia Reid Chapman, I am unsure who Jackson is a descendant of. led me John Martin Chapman and Christiana Diana Tucker/ Hubbard. I see them listed on your website but no Jackson. Do you know if he is their son?

Elijah Chapman

I'm helping someone trace her Chapman roots and am struggling to find information on her great-great grandfather Elijah Chapman. I'm wondering if your association has information about Ohio branches of the family that might help me in my search. He was born around 1807 in Connecticut and then lived in the state of New York for awhile before ending up in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where he died 22 Oct 1869. He was a butcher and is enumerated as such in the 1850 US Census in Brutus, Cayuga County, New York, and in 1860 in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio. He married Harriet Emeline Berry (I don't have a marriage record or date) and had at least four children: Helen E Chapman (m. David van Epps), Elton K. Chapman (m. Mary L. Woodbury), Emeline Celia "Emma" Chapman (m. A D Belknap), and Ada Bird Chapman (m. George H. Wood and Edson T. Stanclift). If there's any information you could share with me or if there's someone else you know I could contact for information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Betsey/Elizabeth Campbell

I was very excited to see a reference to Betsey/Elizabeth Campbell in the Chapman tree. I have hit a brick wall trying to find out about this person and I am hoping someone may be able to help me with her parentage and her siblings.

Elizabeth Chapman                                                                                    Dec. 8, 0213

I have been working on my family history and have an Elizabeth Chapman (B: 31 July 1813) Smith, Tennessee who married a James Cheek (B: 22 October 1814) both are buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Dallas County Missouri.

I have been trying to puzzle out who her parents were and where that leads me – initial research had me going all the way back to the settlements of Jamestown but I do not know if that is correct or not and am hoping perhaps you could shed some light on the issue or put me in contact with someone who may be able to.

I believe from research that Elizabeth Chapman’s father was a William Chapman (B: 1790 Tennessee) – research indicates Elizabeth and James were married Tennessee in 1832 and migrated to Dallas County Missouri area in 1836.

When I dig around her father’s marriages and family it gets rather murky but information from other researchers on eventually tie her father into the linage going back to the Jamestown Virginia Chapman’s – but I am not finding a clear tie in and would like some help if possible to determine if this is in fact true or another group of Chapman’s all together.

I believe some of the Chapman relatives were / are still living in the Buffalo Missouri area as I recall grandma Childress referencing them but not sure.

James Cheek – Elizabeth Chapman
James J Cheek B: 4 April 1846 – Mary Higginbotham B: 6 Mar 1848
Mary Belle Cheek B: 1872 – Lorena S Childress B: 12 Oct 1869
Roy W Childress B: 21 Apr 1898 Katha
Lewey B: 23 Jun 1897
Nellie D Childress B: 29 Oct 1921 – Elmer C Geittmann B: 6 May 1924

Elizabeth Chapman and Orin Burlingame

I am the great great great great great granddaughter of Elizabeth (Chapman) and Orin Burlingame. We are trying to put together as family history and have reached a dead end. We found their names and wedding date on your website. We are hoping that you can help us out if Elizabeth is part of your family history. We have no records of what her parents’ names were or the names of Orin's parents. Please let us know if you can or cannot help us. .

Emma Lavona Chapman

My wife is Dorothy (Peppers) Mickey. Her mother was Emma Lavona Chapman who was the daughter of William Biggs Chapman, granddaughter of William Wooten Chapman, great granddaughter of Francis Marion Chapman. We currently have a book called Chapman Yesteryears by Florence (Chapman) Pike, 1977. Is there a more recent version of the Chapman family?