Felon, Felan, Fylon, Faylon Chapman

James Bates has contacted CFA looking for information on a first name >Felon, Felan, Fylon, Faylon > last name Chatmon, Chapmon, Chatman, Chapman.

Floyd Chapman

Julie Albright (Chapman) has contacted CFA looking for information on her family line. Her grandparents were Floyd and Bessie Chapman. Floyd was born in the Oklahoma Indian territory and was in the US Cavalry. Floyd had two brothers, Earl and Rufus (Pete), and two sisters, Susan (Susie) and Ruby.

Frances Chapman

Gale Stanford has contacted CFA looking for information on Chapman’s from the Isle of Wight in the 1600-1700’s. He is specifically needing source documentation for the marriage of Frances Chapman to Thomas Gale.

Francis Chapman

Is there is anyone there that might be able to help me break through my Chapman family lines.  From the information I have gathered through your website and my own research it appears that my 3x great-grandfather is Francis Chapman born in 1851 in Cooperstown, NY.  My 2x great-grandfather is Bert Chapman born sometime between 1873 and 1878 somewhere between Cooperstown and Fort Wayne, IN.  He died in 1964 and is buried in Poe Cemetery with his wife Elsie M Chapman.  My great-grandfather is Delbert Chapman born in Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN in 1911 and died in WA in 2005.  He was married to Rachel Burden.  My biological grandfather Jerry and my great-aunt Judith were their children.  My mom Rachel is from Jerry's first marriage to Judith Ann Stanley.  I am just trying to connect the dots from Francis and Christina's wedding in 1872 to how Bert ended up in Indiana.  I was able to find a Francis Chapman in Huron County, Ohio as a cabinet maker sometime in the 1870's and I did find a guardianship through the Allen County Records regarding a Bert Chapman in 1899 I am not sure if these are connected or not.  If your group has any further information I would greatly appreciate this.