b. 22 May 1830 Hall Co., GEORGIA


Family Contact: Ernie Chapman

Photo: George Chapman is the great grandson of Joseph Chapman (b.1745) and was the youngest son of Enoch (b.1797) This picture was taken about 1899 at the Holly Springs Baptist Church. 

DISCLAIMER: These are living documents subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.


Family Records

Research Documents


Grandparent: Joseph Chapman b. 1745 Halifax, VA and Mary 

Parent: Enoch Chapman 1797-1857

m1. Jane "Jenny" Chastian Adams 


1. Tantavie Chapman b. 1847 

2. Rebecca "Becky" Chapman b. 1847

3. Maxwell D. "Mack" Chapan b. 1849

m. Nancy Sophronia "Fronie" Moore

4. William Jackson "Jack Chapman b. 29 Oct 1852

m. Elizabeth Hulda Moore

5. Louisa Emeline Chapman b. 1854

6. Martin Merit Rickman "Rick" Chapman b. 1856

m. Nancy Ella Nelson

7. Olive Chapman b. 1858 d. 1870

8. Sarah E. Chapman b. 1860

m. William Columbus "Cull" Harper in 1899

9. George Ann "Annie" Chapman b. 1863

m. William Columbus "Cull" Harper in 1863

m2. Anna Baldwin

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