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George Chapman was born on June 6, 1800, in Pickens, South Carolina, his father was Joseph b. 1745 and mother was Mary Clark Chapman. He married Mariann Goode Frazer on October 31, 1820. They had 12 children. He died on October 26, 1848, in Hall County, Georgia.  His son James Monroe Chapman was born on February 23, 1825, in Pickens, South Carolina.  James married Olivia F "Ollie" Headen. They had ten children together before Olivia died. James then married Malinda Horton and they had three children together. James died on September 10, 1889, in Gordon County, Georgia. George Jefferson Chapman was born on May 11, 1851, in Georgia, his father was James Monroe and mother was Olivia Headen Chapman. George married Sarah "Sallie" Grant in 1869. They had nine children in 16 years. He died on March 25, 1910, in Stephens, Oklahoma

Parents: Joseph and Mary Chapman b. 1745 Halifax, VA 

Family Contact:  Ernie Chapman and Nancy Crayton

DISCLAIMER: These are living documents subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

George Thomas Chapman b.: TeamMember

b. 6 Jun 1800 Pickens, South Carolina - d. 26 Oct 1848 Hall Co., Georgia 

George Thomas Chapman b.: Meet the Team

George Chapman

b. 6 Jun 1800 Pickens, SC       d. 26 Oct 1848 Hall Co., GA


Marian Goode Frazier

b. 18 Apr 1801 Pendleton, Anderson, SC      d. 15 Nov 1878 Hall Co., GA


1. Elizabeth b. 1821 Pickens., SC d. 1889 Hall Co., GA
m. Valentine Whelche
George Davis Whelchel b. 1846
Aaron M. Whelchel b. 1847
John Louis b. 1849
Martha M. Welchel b. 1851
Harriette Elizabeth Whelchel b. 1852
Thomas Valentine Whelchel b. 1854
Reubin Fillip Whelchel b. 1856
Joseph Eli Whelchel b. 1858
Judith Francis Whelchel b. 1860
James Francis "Jim" Whelchel b. 1862

2. Joseph Lewis b. 1823 Pendleton District, SC d. 1912 Scio, Linne Co., OR

m1 Martha N.
Ann Chapman b. 1877
Lee Chapman b. 1879
Minnie Chapman b. 1882 
m2 Emeline M

Frances "Fannie" Marion Chapman b. 1843
Mary Elizabeth Chapman b. 1846
Philip May Byrd Chapman b. 1849
Thomas Henry Chapman b. 1854
India J. Chapman b. 1858
Savannah J. Chapman b. 1861
Annie Laura Chapman b. 1864
Esther H. Chapman b. 1865
Martha J. Chapman b. 1867
m3 Ann

3. James Monroe Chapman b. 23 Feb 1825 SC d. 1889 Gordon Co., GA
m1 1846 Olivia F. "Ollie" Headen
John Chapman b. 1846
Joseph L. "Joe" Chapman b. 1848
George Jefferson Chapman b. 1851
      descendent George Thomas II b. 1919 d. 2016 

Robert E. Chapman b. 1853
Blakely Chapman b. 1856
Virginia Chapman b. 1858
James Elisha Chapman b. 1860
Elisha Layfette "Lish" Chapman b. 1862
Thomas Phillip Chapman b. 1866
Homer Braddock Chapman b. 1867
m2 1881 Malinda Horton

Lucian Chapman b. 1883
Charlie Exodoux Chapman b. 1885
Mary Jo Chapman b. 1886/87/88

4. Mary Chapman 
b. 1827 GA d. 1910 Hall Co., GA
married Davis Francis Whelchel Jr.
Davis Francis Whelchel III b. 1865
Sallie Brown "Sally" Whelchel b. 1867
Mellie Spillman Whelchel b. 1871

5. Sarah Chapman 
b. 1829 Hall Co., GA d. 1849 Hall Co., GA

6. Martha Chapman 
b. 1831 Hall Co., GA d. 1862 Atlanta, De Kalb, GA
married Thomas Valentine Rives
Mary L. Rives b. 1856
Elizabeth Gowen Rives b. 1856
John E. Rives b. 1859
George William Rives b. 1860
Martha Caroyn Rives b. 1861
Florence b. 1862

7. Harriet Kinsey Chapman 
b. 1833 Hall Co., GA d. 1863 Buckhead, Fulton, GA
married John Forsyth M. Reaves
John Thomas Reaves b. 1861
James D. Reaves b. 1864

8. Thomas K. Chapman b. 1835 Hall Co., GA
married Amanda R. Garner
Alice Chapman b. 1865
Emma Chapman b. 1867
Ellen Chapman b. 1869
Ida Chapman b. 1876

9. Philip Byrd Chapman b. 1837 Hall Co., GA d. 1863 Bakers Creek, Hinds Co., MS
married Mavel Waters
Mary Chapman b 1859
Octavia b. 1859
Thomas K. Chapman b. 1861

10. Mary Chapman 
b. 1839 d. 1875 TX

11. George Reves Chapman b. 1841 Hall Co., GA d. Fulton Co., GA
married Laura B. Thompson
George Guilford Chapman MD b. 1868

12. Frances "Fanny" Marian Chapman 
b. 1843 Hall Co., GA d. 1896 Gillsville, Banks, GA


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