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Hannah Chapman

I am rather new to genealogy and have found Hannah Chapman in my line, she was married to James Devin and is my third great grandmother. I found a book called the history of Gibson County Indiana that included her in a biographical sketch about her son in law and grandson, and in it is says - "Hannah, daughter of Robert Chapman who built the first brick building on the town square of Princeton. He went to Glasgow, Missouri where he died." but earlier in the book it says that "The next business house was constructed of brick on the corner north of the northeast corner of the square. It was built by George W. Chapman in 1815-16 and, with the exception of the first court
house, it was Princeton's first brick building. Chapman was a gun and silversmith. and followed his trade here about ten years. then removed to Missouri."

I fear that beyond that I hit a brick wall and it seems other, more experienced genealogist I've spoken to have encountered the same issue, but I thought perhaps someone in your organization might be able to shed some insight on her and her parents?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer!

Harriett Tiggie Chapman

I am trying to get information and proofs on my Chapman line and just discovered your site. One of my deceased cousins gave me some information and I have guessed some thru leaves from ancestry dot com. My great grandmother is said to be Harriett Tiggie Chapman born 3 June 1800 in South Carolina and married Williamson T. Jordan. Is there any way and I can get more info on her and this line from your group. I did not find her name in the pages I looked thru on your site.

Henry Chapman

My Chapman ancestor is James Chapman born 1810 in Georgia. Married Nancy Hoyle in Pike County Georgia in 1833. He died in Rusk County Texas 1897. He settled in Texas on a land grant of Henry Chapman who fought in the battle of San Jacinto. I do not know if Henry was a brother, uncle, or father. The survey in Texas was also part of a John Hallum survey. There is a reference to a John Hallum and Chapman in old 96th district in South Carolina in a land sale. I'm not sure if these are related or not. If you need anything else I will try to give you anything else I have. My user name on Ancestry is Ahearn5032

Horace Chapman

My great grandmother was Lillian Imogene Chapman (1900-1936) lived in East Hampton (also called Chatham), Connecticut. She's buried in Skinnerville Cemetery in East Hampton. Her father was Sanford Horace Chapman (1858-1909), born in Glastonbury, CT and I have him on census documents that he lived in East Hampton, also.
His father was Horace Chapman (I'm not sure of the dates- I have 1796-1875, but I can't find him on census documents from 1850, where the rest of his family is listed as living in Chatham, but he is not. I have found a gravestone in East Hampton for a Horace Chapman that died in 1848, so maybe this is him but I don't know). This Horace was married to Harriet Hoadley - There is a book in which this match is noted and on the census documents I have found, Harriet Chapman is the mother of William (aka Willie and Burton) Chapman.
That's as far as I can get. It's like Horace Chapman just appeared out of thin air. I can't find anything on your site that might suggest that he is descended from one of "Your" Chapmans... Can anyone help me? Does it matter what Chapmans I come from? Do we jut add another branch if we can figure these folks out?
Thanks for any help you can give.

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