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Ira Martin Chapman

I am not a Chapman descendant. However, my grandmother's sister, Grace Cleona Estridge, married Ira Martin Chapman s/o Augustus Archibald Chapman m. Docus Sowards and this seems to be a fairly well researched Chapman branch.
Way back, 1996, in one of your Chapman newsletters, Phillip Everett Chapman #122, was trying to pursue his grandfather, Ira Martin Chapman. I have lots of info about Ira's 1st? wife, Grace Cleona Estridge related family to share.

Does your association have contact information for Phillip Everett Chapman #122 or perhaps his sister Christine
Chapman Hill who also participated in your newsletters. It has been 20 years since they were mentioned in your Chapman association newsletter, but worth a try. Thanks, for maintaining a great Chapman website.

Isaac Chapman

Lowell Ray Anderson happened on to the Chapman Family Association website when searching the Internet to verify some information on my wife's gggrandfather.
He was Isaac Chapman, born in China, Maine in the late 1700s, married Mercy Doe and had a daughter Rebecca F. born on 3 Feb 1817. Isaac was supposedly a sea captain and was supposedly killed in the war of 1812.
In your website database War of 1812 Chapman’s I cannot identify him, nor do I find any Chapman as being from Maine.
I did find him in the War of 1812 Land BountyIndex, but something seems to me amiss here: Chapman, Isaac SO2511, SC2687 Bounty 62001601812
Pvt Capt Stanley’s Co Mass Mil, Capt EA Allen’s Co US inf 1/1//1813-8/4/1813, 9/4/1813-29/6/1815
Residence 1871 Pittston, Kennebec Co Maine died Oct 8, 1848 China Maine wife Mercy Doe m July 24, 1803 Vassalboro Maine d Nov 7, 1876. In that he is shown as residing in Pittston, Main in 1871 though he is shown as having died in 1848.

Isreal Chapman

#1. I've been in contact with your organization in the past concerning the line of Michael Chapman d. 1779, his son NathanielChapman 1739-1809, and Nathaniel's son Michael Chapman, from Bethleham, Ct. I found a 1773 deposition signed by Michael Chapman, the elder, and an Israel Chapman.  I have not been able to find any other information about Israel but know he is not a son of Michael Sr. nor a son of Nathaniel.  This might be a clue to the parentage of Michael Sr. which is a brick wall at the moment.  The first record of Michael Sr. is his marriage to Marcy/MercyDoolittle in 1733.  Perhaps Israel is in your database?


My cousin and I have been trying to "prove" Michael's parentage for several year. The Hawley Society has Michael's father as Nathaniel but without sources. From our research Michael could just as easily been the son of Michael Chapman ?-1779 and Mercy Doolittle.

I have just examined a source kept at the Connecticut Historical Society in Harford that has answered that question.

Dr. Benjamin Hawley, Michael Jr's father-in-law, kept account books one of which is at the Historical Society and there are two entries for medical services, bills and credits that proves that the father of Michael Chapman b. 1775 was Nathaniel Chapman b. 1739 who was the son of Michael and Mercy Doolittle Chapman.

So, now we know with documentation the father of Michael Chapman b. 1757. Under Nathaniel's medical entries there are entries for Molly and Rockzana, presumably daughters of Nathaniel as in other entries for other individuals Dr. Hawley wrote "for ye wife" instead of using her name. Now we jut need to find out the name of Nathaniel's wife which I have been unable to do so far. THere is a note in town recores 23 Dec 1807 that the wife of Nathaniel Chapman died.

Dr. Benjamin Hawley's Account Book

Michael Chapman 1782 June To pull 2 teeth 1 shillling 6 pence

July to one visit to see young Colt 1 shilling

1783 To inoculation 2 shillling 0 pence

April To Nathan 2 1/2 days ride hors 2 shillings 6 pence

1784 To one _ _ _ _ 8 pence

to visit stitch wound in hors 1 shilling 6 pense

Jan 24 to pull Tooth 6 pence

Carried to Ledger 3 page 18 16 shillings 8 pence

1782 June Contra Cr by your mare 5 miles 15 shilllings 0/10

1783, May by cash pad you your father 9 shillings

carried to Ledger 2 page 18 9 shillings 10 pence

[Under Nathaniel Chapmand there is the same 9 shilling charge added to his bill for Michael Chapman.]

Ivan Chapman                                                                                              Jul. 8, 2013

I am looking for any information on an Ivan Chapman who was a beau of my great aunt, Helen Osborne of Warrensburg, NY. My great aunt was born in the later 1800's and died in the 1980s. She never married, and I was told that Ivan Chapman had died (I Believe before I was born in the early 1960s). I would like to know what his profession was, where he lived, and the circumstances of his death, if possible.

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