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James Faithfull Chapman

I am a descendent of James Faithfull Chapman; Harry Raymond Chapman; Ivan Chapman etc. I am looking for family history and
being in touch with relatives. Ivan Chapman had 4 sons, 2 of which still farm in the Dawson area and nearby community.

James Ira Chapman                                                           Mar. 30, 2014

James Ira Chapman (Chatman) D.O.B. August 30, 1900 DIED: October 24, 1953 (Caucasian/ Irish / Native American).

(Son of Mary Elizabeth Potts D.O.B. December 28, 1877 Grayson County KY and died September 07, 1947 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Mary Elizabeth later married Jemermiah Elmer McGrew and had more children.)
Married: Violet Ella Tate D.O.B: August 17, 1904 Died: February 05, 1981
(Daughter of A.P. (Pasley) Tate and Emma SWavahhah Gann D.O.B. January 22, 1886 Died: March 27, 1971
James IRA Chapman (Chatman) And Violet Ella Tate produced 6 children:
James Wendell Chatman 9/12 /28 (died 01/07/1992)
Edward “Bud” Earl Chatman 7/19/1930 (died 01/07/1996)
Mary Lou Chatman Breeden Earnhart 12/13/1933
Clyman Ray Chatman 09/10/1936 (deceased in early childhood of “Entro Colitis” 08/04/1937)
Emma Ruth Chatman Kelton Daugherty 7/20/1938 (deceased 10212013) (My mother)
Kenneth Cyrel Chatman 03/24/1941

My name is Darla Theresa (Kelton) McNeal, and I am trying to find some genealogy information on my maternal grandfather, James Ira Chapman. He died when my mother was young and her recollection of genealogical information was not of much significance to her at that time. Primarily, she recalls that her father's father was supposed to have been a "traveling musician" who was performing and visiting the area that my great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Potts, was living. She became pregnant. We also know that she was of American Indian decent. We do not know anything of the relationship other than she bore a son and named him "James Ira Chapman". She later on married a "Jeremiah Elmer McGrew" and had more children.
A lot of the Tate / Gann / Potts family members were born in Alabama and migrated to the Holland, Searcy and the Little Rock, Arkansas areas. This is why I feel that my maternal grandfather may be a member of your lineage. However, on a death certificate for son "Clyman Ray Chatman", it is noted that the father's place of birth was "KY" Kentucky.
I lived in the Van Buren / Fort Smith areas of Arkansas up until 2005. I now live in the Seattle, Washington area.

*****NOTE***** The "Chapman" last name spelling was changed by one of my maternal uncles, (James Ira's eldest son, Wendel), to "Chatman". This is the spelling that is noted on "James Ira's" headstone located in the Gil Cemetery, Kibler, Arkansas. (Outside of Van Buren, Arkansas).

James Nelson Chapman's parents

My great great grandfather was James Nelson Chapman, he was born in Connecticut in 1831 and died in Steuben, Steuben County, New York on 22 May 1855. I believe he was married to Phebe Agusta Payne. Their son was James Robert Chapman. I am looking for James Nelson's parents' names and any information.

Jeremiah S. Chapman                                                                     Feb. 2, 2014

My name is Candyce Chapman and I am from Fremont, Ohio and born in 1952. My 3rd great grandfather's name was Jeremiah S. Chapman
who is buried at Wales Corner in York Twp. Sandusky County, Ohio. During my research I found Michael (father), Nathaniel (son), Frederick (son), Levi (son) who lived in Huron County during the 1800's. I am trying to find out if there is any connection between the Chapman’s in Bellevue and the ones that lived in York Twp. Sandusky County. Any help would sincerely be appreciated.

Book by Dr. Jesse Pugh Chapman Jr.

I am a descendant of Giles Chapman. I am in search of a copy of the book by Dr. Jesse Pugh Chapman, Jr, Giles Chapman of Bridlington and His Descendants. I was given an address for Jesse P. Chapman, III in Jacksonville, Illinois and was in hopes that he could help me, but the letter was returned. Any idea where I could purchase a copy of this book, or can you direct me to someone who might know? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)

Colleen Barnett has contacted CFA looking for information on John (Johnny Appleseed) Chapman, possible uncle, and her grandparents Frank Benjamin Chapman born 12/8/1881 and married in 1/06/1906 to Carrie Fiebelkorn born 1/23/1883.They were from New York State and lived in the small town of Cherry Creek.

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)

I'm Melanie K. Chapman Lawson and my family came out of Georgia. My father was William Cornelius Chapman b. Oct 29, 1935 to William Charles Chapman in Crawford County. My dad died before he connected the family to the Bridlington Chapman's and John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed. Can you help?

Glenn Beck is using Johnny Appleseed as part of the new show history house. Did anyone copyright Johnny Appleseed or trademark the family name?

John Chapman

I'm looking for a link. I looked through all your databases.
I am Scott Brandon Chapman > David Taft Chapman > Leon Curtis Chapman > Henry Jordan Chapman (?) > John Chapman (?).

John Chapman b. 1626                                                                                             Jul 6, 2013

Dennis Chapman responded to Elaine Chapman Booth:

I am Dennis Chapman Branch Manager of the John Chapman 1626 Family from Bucks Co. I live in Boone Co. Kentucky and have been looking at Chapman's from Boone, Gallatin, Grant, Owen and Shelby Counties as like you I think there may be a connection to the Bucks Co. Family. My line goes through Henry Chapman who came from Washington Co. PA ( Pittsburgh area) who was the son of Thomas who was the son of Abraham one of the two twins born to John and Jane Sadler Chapman in 1685 in Bucks Co. I had hoped to have had more data from Gill Alford when I took this position, but have worked from the old Chapman Chatter's and old references. Unfortunately there are breaks in the generations that make connecting difficult at best. To further complicate your search there are several Amos Chapman's in this line with at least one of them going to Canada after the Revolutionary War having served in a British Military Unit. Since I can't use a data base, I hope to be able to construct one from Gill's material. I think there is a connection through Abraham's son John (who may have been John Amos Chapman) which several of the Northern Kentucky Chapman's connect with. My Henry Chapman (son of Thomas brother of John) settled in Southwest Ohio with several of his brothers about the same time the other Chapman's were coming into Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana. There are many undocumented connections here all leading back to Bucks Co (In my opinion). These areas are all in the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area and very close to one another. I do not know if these folks were aware of the others, but my guess is that they were. DNA is going to be the best connector, but we have a lot to learn. Ernie Chapman has an ancestor in the area, but we do not match (but close). One ironic point is that both Ernie and I have a distance of two match on a 25 Y test with an Ira Thomas Chapman. I think Ira also has a Bucks Co. connection, but we don't have documentation. I will be glad to work with you and try to help in any way possible, as I have a pretty good grasp on Gill's older data and related families. As far as DNA testing, there might be a match if you do the Family Tree DNA family Finder test, as they look for strands from both sides. You need to add as many surnames as possible to get a possible match. The 67 Y is still the best but you do need the Chapman male to do it.

John Chapman                                         Oct. 21, 2014

My mother's name is Chapman and I have some of the family tree that was passed down to me by my grandparents. In the papers that was given to me it was mentioned that we are related to John Chapman (that he is a cousin). However, I have found some minor inaccuracies elsewhere unrelated to john chapman in the document. Combine that with the fact that claiming relation to one of the most famous men in our history would be common. I would like to find more evidence to confirm the claims made by my ancestors before I pass this down to my children.

I have the names of three of my grandfathers. I need more generations to link one of my grandfathers to one of John's uncles to confirm that he is a cousin.
oldest generation that I have to the youngest.
My great great grandfather james a chapman b. 1840 d. 1932 married emily curtis (it is claimed that he is the 1st cousin 1 time removed to Johnny Appleseed)
His children = john, mandy, cora, adda, george,
My great grandfather and james's son is George Elsworth Chapman b. 1863 d.1936
George's children = Melvin Dale, Wayne, Lawerance (plus several children from previous marriage)
My grandfather Melvin Dale Chapman b. 1924 d. 2005
I'm quite the novice at geneology but if in fact he is a cousin of mine, Johnny's father (nathaniel) would have to be the great unlce of above mentioned James A. Chapman. Or I'd have to link james' father as a first cousin of Johnny appleseed. Does that sound right?

John Chapman of Marblehead, MA

Matt Chapman is researching his ancestors. He is having trouble finding solid information for John Chapman of Marblehead, MA. The Marblehead Vital
Records books lists his marriage to Lenora Bowden on 9/6/1831. The record shows that his parents were Samuel Chapman Jr and Susanna Swan. The book shows that couple having several children but not John Chapman. Census data seems to indicate that John Chapman was born around 1809 and died between 1852 and 1860. Any help in tracking this guy down would be greatly appreciated.

John Chapman

My earliest CHAPMAN ancestor was Christened 26 Jul 1784 in Newton Upon Ouse, York, England. John, son of Mary CHAPMAN. No father is mentioned. His son Robert, born in 1810, arrived in the USA in 1832 from Huby, North Riding of Yorkshire and went directly to Grant County, Wisconsin. I don/t seem to relate to any members of the Chapman Family Association.

John Chapman b. 1811

As an adopted person living near Ottawa, Canada I became curious about my ancestry and decided that this was the year I would determine who my birth parents are. Through hard work and the use of Ancestry DNA I was able to establish and find my birth parents living in Toronto, Canada. My birth father's last name is Chapman and while continuing to do further research about my lineage, I came across the Chapman Family Association website. 

I have been able to determine my association with the Chapman family name as far back as John Chapman b.1811 in New York however I have not been able to find his name or any of his descendant's names on your website. Below I will provide the lineage I have established to date. Could you please provide me with a contact or information as to how I can connect the Canadian Chapman name to your data base?  

John Chapman b.1811 New York had son....

Elijah Adams Chapman b.1831 New York d. 1902 North Dakota had son...

Rollin Amos Chapman b.1858 Illinois d. 1920 Cando, North Dakota had son...

Raymond Chapman b.1888 Whitehall, Michigan d. 1979 Regina, Saskatchewan had son...

Grant Chapman b.1918 Drake, Saskatchewan d. 2001 Richmond Hill, Ontario had son...

Terry Chapman b.1943 Regina, Saskatchewan  - my birth father.

Thank you for your assistance,

John Chapman and Agnes Millar

My family descends from Chapman’s as follows:
John Chapman married Agnes Millar in West Lothian, Scotland
Son Andrew Chapman maried Christina MAthieson, Leith, Scotland
Son William Millar Chapman married Margaret Shearer, Leith, Scotland
Son Andrew Chapman married Agnes Dutton, Leith, Scotland
Daughter Helen Aitchison Chapman married John Taylor, Rosewell, Midlothian
Son William Millar Taylor married Jane Carrick Penman, Poltonhall, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian
John was a mariner in Bo'ness, West Lothian, Andrew was a baker in Leith, William was also a baker and confectioner in Leith, Andrew was a Copper in Leith, Helen was a housemaid in Leith and housekeeper in Rosewell, William was a coalminer, lorry driver.

Look forward to hearing from you if you can connect any of Chapman's to yours.

John Chapman and Jane Tucker

I have a Chapman ancestor, John Chapman, husband of Jane Tucker. He lived in Marblehead MA we think. His daughter Jane Chapman married William Pederick (1709 Bpt). Their daughter Mary Pederick (1783 bpt) married John Adams (l599 bpt -1804).
Their daughter Eliz Adams, married Capt. Thomas Martin. Their daughter Mary Adams Martin married capt Richard Brown. Their daughter Elizabeth Martin Brown married William C Knowland whose son Daniel P Knowland's daughter Nancy is my mother.

John Chapman and Sarah

I am interested in a possible membership, but in looking over your website I wonder if your organization has anything on the Chapman family in Sharon CT. I did get a copy of the Quarterly of the Summer 1999 from a library. On pg. 24 it has (2) John Chapman and Sarah (unk) with children…+12 Obadiah. I either didn’t copy the pages leading to him or they didn’t have them. This is the family I am interested in. I descend from John Chapman and Rachel Jackson (of Sharon, CT and then New Marlborough, MA). John’s
father was Peletiah (son of Obadiah).

John Andrew Chapman

Mr Sonfield,  I am Judith Gamard, my mother is Marguerite E Chapman b. 1-1-1915.  We are descended from John Andrew Chapman

b. 7-17-1827, Hinds County, MS,  d. 10-10-1871, Hinds County MS.  I have researched family history for many years..  I have Chapman ancestry as far back as 1075, Lincolnshire, England.  currently I am gathering info on "cousins" across the South and the Midwest.  

I am interested in communicating with others who are researching Chapman history.

John Curren Chapman

My Name is John Curren Chapman III (Jack) My Son is John Curren Chapman IV (Curren). My Father was John Curren Chapman Jr. (Buck) My Grandfather was John Curren Chapman Sr. (Curren). My paternal Grandmother was Nettie Ophelia Mann from the Isle of Mann. My Grandfather married a Mann ;-). So far My Son and I are the only John Curren Chapmans i can find on the planet. Plenty of Currans, only 2 Currens. My Grandfather Curren was From Elberton, Ga., born 1889 and died in 1967.

any connections?

John Fredrick Chapman

My Grandmother was Ruth Chapman 1903-1993. Her father was John Fredrick Chapman and they lived in Alcove. Albany Co New York. She remembered her Grandfather was William and she had an Uncle Bill but that’s as far as we get.

John Gadsby Chapman

I was curious about The Reverend Dr. Lyman, who was a friend of John Gadsby Chapman, and the famous Civil War Confederate soldier/artist Conrad Wise Chapman. If the Reverend Dr. Lyman rings any bells, please let me know.

John L. Chapman                                                                       Oct. 11, 2013

I am Roberta (Bertie) Cremeans Casey. I am in the Ben Wallace Family. Benjamin and Lettie are my 3rd Great Grandparents through their son Edmond Taylor Wallace. I was researching for information on my 4th great grandfather John L. Chapman and his wife Elizabeth Molly Menefee. Their daughter Mary Polly Chapman was my 3rd great grandmother and I want to correct her information if I may. Mary Polly never married Pleasant Chafin. She had children and never married their father, so they went by Chapman. Family in our area say she had Cassie Ann by a boy by the name of Yates. There are no true documentations on this. Mary Polly married Alexander Persinger Jan. 30, 1860 in Mason Co., VA/WV., this was the only marriage she had.

John Wesley Chapman

Anthony L. Pesce has contacted CFA looking for information on John Wesley Chapman (20 Dec 1855 - 15 May 1922) Born in Ohio. Married to Martha Emily Eaks. Specifically, looking for information on parents.

Joe Chapman                                                          Nov. 18, 2014

I am asking about a Joe Chapman who must have been stationed somewhere around the Swindon, England area during 1942-43-44.
He married a local woman who brought her up, his name is on her birth certificate. There was no speaking of Joe again except to tell her he was American and served in the war. Times have changed now but a woman getting involved with a GI was not looked at very well at that time and having a baby with a GI didn’t make it easy for her. The daughters name is Particia Beryl Newman born Jan 15, 1944. Her mother’s name was Doris Lillian (who is the woman who married Joe).

Joshua Chapman                                                                        Oct. 10, 2013

My Great grandfather was Joshua Chapman b. 1844 in Pickens county SC. He was a Civil war confederate soldier who lost his arm in at the battle of the crater. His parents were Joel and Margaret Chapman b. about 1820 and 1821 in Pickens district. SC Census records show that they were born in Picken SC. They all moved to Cobb county GA and Powder Springs and I can find them in the census. I am trying to find out who the parent of Joel Chapman are. Are they descended from Joseph?

Josiah Frost family

The Joisah Frost people - three of them - listed below are consistent with my family's Connecticut history. I'm looking for documentation to
support the events, the dates and the parentage of the people listed below.

60. Philo Parker b. 26-NOV-1809, S. Coventry, CT, m. 1836, Huldah Frost, b. 21-OCT-1808, Wilbraham, MA, d. 05-DEC-1896. Philo died 22-Feb-1888.

61. Huldah Frost b. 21-OCT-1808, Wilbraham, MA, d. 05-DEC-1896.

122. Josiah Frost b. 6-Sep-1780, m. 8-May-1806, Nancy Bourne, b. 11-Nov-1783, d. 8-Sep-1854. Josiah died 5-Oct-1841.
123. Nancy Bourne b. 11-Nov-1783, d. 8-Sep-1854.
244. Josiah Frost b. 6-Jul-1745, Willington, CT, m. 23-Nov-1775, Patience Hammond, b. 17-May-1746, d. 12-Mar-1823. Josiah died 3-May-1822.
245. Patience Hammond b. 17-May-1746, d. 12-Mar-1823.
488. Josiah Frost b. 24-Jul-1706, Windsor, CT, m. 8-Nov-1739, in Windsor, CT, Mary Paulk, b. 8-Feb-1723, Tolland, CT. Josiah died 1749.
489. Mary Paulk b. 8-Feb-1723, Tolland, CT.

Justus Chapman

My 3rd great grandfather, Justus Chapman (1784-1819), who died in Phelps, Ontario, New York. His son, Justus P. Chapman, is my 2nd great grandfather, then George W/ Chapman (great grandfather), De Vere Vining Chapman (grandfather, and Dale W. Chapman (father).From Justus P. to my father, they lived in and been buried in Michigan. 
If you have Chapmans from this line, I would be interested in learning about this. At this time, I have not been able to find Justus Chapman's parents or other ancestor information. I have not been able to find Justus Chapman's parents or other ancestor information. He may have come from CT or NH, but all death/burial records from the Phelps, NY courthouse prior to 1850 were destroyed in a fire.

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