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b. 1750 Loudoun Co., Virginia - d. 15 Nov 1836 Wilkes Co., North Carolina

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John was born 1750 in Loudoun Co, VA,  d. 15 Nov 1836 in Wilkes Co, NC,  He served in the Revolutionary War with several enlistments.  He married Leannah "Leana" Brown,  Jan 1779 in Wilkes Co, NC,8,9 . abt 1761 in VA (daughter of George Brown #12678 and Eva _____ #12679), d. 6 Apr 1846. Both died in Wilkes Co, NC.

Photo: Alfred Chapman 1868-1956 great grandson of John & Leannah.

Family Manager: Ernie Chapman

DISCLAIMER: These are living documents subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

John Chapman B. 1750 Virginia: TeamMember

John Chapman

b. 1750 Loudoun Co., VA        d. 15 Nov 1836 Wilkes Co., NC


Leannah "Leana" Brown

b.        d. 


1. Elizabeth Chapman  b.  1781  d. 1855
married Isaac Presnell (Presley)
Easom b. 1825
James b. 1828
Ann b. 1830
josiah b. 1835

2.  William Washington 
Chapman b. 1781  d. 1868
married Ruth W. Barnes
Elisha Chapman b. 1807
George Gray Chapman b. 1809
Ralph Richard Chapman b. 1811
Soloman Chapman b. 1814
John Robert Chapman b. 1816
Elizabeth "Betsy" Chapman b. 1818
Edwin F. Chapman b. 1821
Enoch "Noch" Chapman b. 1823
Larkin James Chapman b. 1824
Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Chapman b. 1824
Leannah Chapman b. 1824
Nancy Adeline Chapman b. 1829

3.  John 
Chapman Jr. b. 1784  d. 1838
married Mary Marley
John Chapman b. 1807
Henry Chapman b. 1809
Enoch Chapman b. 1811
George Washington Chapman b. 1813
Laura Ann Chapman b. 1813
Benjamin Chapman b. 1823
Soloman Chapman b. 1826
Jane Chapman b. 1832
Leanna Chapman b. 1844

4.  Letitia M. 
Chapman b. 1786  d. 1850, unmarried

5.  George 
Chapman b. 1790  d. 1860
married Elizabeth Marley
George Chapman b. 1816
Sarah Chapman b. 1818
William Chapman b. 1820
Uriah Chapman b. 1824
John Chapman b. abt 1827
Anna Chapman b. 1830
Henry Chapman b. 1831
Elizabeth Chapman b. 1837
Enoch Chapman b. 1839

6.  Enoch 
Chapman b. 1794  d. 1855
married Chloe Garland
James Chapman b. 1815
Samuel Chapman b. 1816
Monroe Alexander Chapman b. 1816
Elizabeth Chapman b. 1818
Letitia "Letttie" Chapman b. 1818
Jane Louisa chapman b. 1820
Edin Chapman b 1821
Larkin James Chapman b. 1823
Louisa Jane Chapman b. 1825
Thompson H. Chapman b. 1827
Margaret Chapman b. 1830
Emmet F. Chapman b. 1830
Archibald Chapman b. 1831
Elisha Chapman b. 1831
Cynthia Chapman b. 1840
Willie Chapman b. 1841
James Willy "Wiley" Chapman b. 1841

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