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Joseph was born in 1732 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina and died 27 Nov 1798 also in  Tyrrell County, North Carolina. The marriage of Joseph Chapman and Jemima Caswell and the settlement of Joseph Chapman's estate in 1798 in Tyrrell County has been documented. No record of service in the Revolution has been found for this Joseph Chapman. This Joseph is often confused with the Joseph Chapman b. 1745 in Halifax Co.

The picture is of the John Russell Chapman (1817-1873) and other.

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Research Documents

Inglis Fletcher of Bandon Plantation

by Richard Gaither Walser, Chapel Hill, NC,

University of NC LIbrary

UNC Library Publication series

17, v.2

Inglis Fletcher, 1879-1969





m. Jemima Caswell


1. Samuel b. 1780

2. Richard b. 1782 d. 1852, m. Celia Ann Davenport

  • Joseph b. 1812, m. Rachel English

  • John Russell b. 1815

  • Fletcher H. b. 1828 d. 1907 ​​

      m1. Sarah McCreery​

      m2. Cecilia Burns

  • Anna Davenport b. 1830, m. David Rhodes Sparks

  • Miriam Ann b. 1823, m. Ambrose Mitchell M.D.

  • Elizabeth b. 1827

Photo of John Russell Chapman

Grandson of Joseph Chapman.

John was born in Tyrrell County, NC 1817, married there and migrated to Illinois with the family. He was a pastor and raised a family of none.

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