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Lineages: Programs

The mission of the Chapman Family Association is to assist Chappies across the world search for their roots. A major tool in that effort is a cadre of family lineage contact managers, each responsible for one or more Chapman family lines. You may contact one of them directly or contact the Corresponding Secretary, Al Chapman (

The family lineage contact individuals are persons specifically responsible for all of the lineage and support documents for that particular line.   

They are responsible for maintaining the database and support documents that have been made available to them.  They are also the contact to answer any inquires or requests that may be made on that line.

DISCLAIMER:  Genealogy is not an exact science.  The information contained within these lineage records has been collected from many sources and has verified to the best of the family manager's or contributors ability.  They may contain unrecognized errors.  If you find a record or information that you feel is in error, please contact the recording secretary or family manager with your information for correction consideration.  

Lineages: Clients

To search Chapmans by name click on the first name of your Chapman.

  • CFA numbers identify the line of lineage.

  • Male Y-DNA Haplogroups are identified as Chapman descendants are tested.

  • The list of children in each line may increase or decrease as lineage is proved through DNA and/or documentation.

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