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Robert Chapman
b. 1616 England - d. Massachusetts
Ancestor #
Y-DNA Haplogroup:

Family Manager:
Stuart Chapman
Family Manager Email:

DISCLAIMER: These documents are subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

Robert Chapman

b. 1616 d. Married

Ann Bliss

b. d.


1. John Chapman b. 1644 d. 1712 1st marriage Elizabeth Howley Children: John b. 1671 Joseph Chapman b. 1673 Elizabeth Chapman b. 1675 2nd marriage 1677 to Elizabeth Beament-Beamon-Beaumont Children: Andrew Chapman b. 1678 Elizabeth Chapman b. 1679 married Stephen Chalker Thomas Chapman b. 1680 d. 1680 Thomas Chapman b. 1681 d. 1682 Lydia Chapman b. 1682 Anne Chapman b. 1684, married Joseph Selden Andrew Chapman b. 1686 Mehetable Chapman b. 1688 m1 Lemuel Richardson, m2 John Warner Jabez Chapman b. 1690 married Esther Selden Samuel Chapman b. 1692 2. Robert Chapman b. 1646 d. 1711 1st marriage Sarah Griswald Children: Samuel Chapman b. 1672 married Margaret Griswald Robert Chapman b. 1675 married Mary Stevens Sarah Chapman b. 1677 Francis Chapman b. 1678 Dorcus Chapman b. 1680 Stephen Chapman b. 1681 son Chapman b. 1683 d. 1683 Sarah Chapman b. 1686 son Chapman b. 1689 d. 1689 2nd marriage Mary Durant-Sheather Children: Benjamin Chapman b. 1695 Mehetable Chapman b. 1697 Stephen Chapman b. 1699 Abigail Chapman b. 1701 married Joseph Whittlesey 3. Nathaniel Chapman b. 1653 1st marriage Mary Collins Children: Nathaniel Chapman b. 1682 d. 1682 Nathaniel Chapman b. 1686 married Elizabeth Spencer Daniel Chapman b. 1689 married Grissel Lovel John Chapman b. 1694 married Sarah Jones 2nd marriage Hannah Bates Children: Mary Chapman b. 1700 married John Parker Hannah Chapman b. 1702 Phineas Chapman b. 1704 Caleb Chapman b. 1706 m1 Thankful Lord, m2 Abigail (Tully) Lee m3 Hannah Platts Anna Chapman b. 1709, married Abiel Lord

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