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Robert Chapman
b. 1782 NC
Ancestor #
Y-DNA Haplogroup:

Photo: George Chapman is the great grandson of Joseph Chapman (b.1745) and was the youngest son of Enoch (b.1797) This picture was taken about 1899 at the Holly Springs Baptist Church.

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DISCLAIMER: These documents are subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

Family Records

Robert C. Chapman

married 1st

Mary "Polly" Sumpter

b. 1790 Henry Co., VA d. aft May 1816


1. Mary Agnes Chapman b. Mar. 8, 1808 d. 1836 Harrison Co., KY married John Bales Sr 2. James Chapman b. Aug. 20, 1808 Claiborne Co., TN d. unknown married Nancy Terhune married Margaret Ann Berry 3. Nancy Chapman b. Sep. 10, 1811 d. Feb. 28, 1874 married John Cummins 4. Leannah Chapman b. 1812 Claiborn Co., TN d. 1836 married Abraham Davis married Jeremiah Curnutt 5. Enoch J. Chapman b. May 9, 1816 Knox Co., KY d. May 16, 1897 married Julia Ann Berry

married 2nd

Margaret "Peggy" Cummins

b. Feb 20, 1794 d. Sep 20, 1858


1. Joseph Chapman b. May 3, 1819 Harrison Co., KY d. Sep 4, 1891 married Caroline Wilson 2. Robert C. Chapman Jr. b. Jan 15, 1821 Harrison Co., KY d. Jul 26, 1897 married Ruth Elizabeth Hurst 3. William T. Chapman b. Aug 22, 1822 Harrison Co., KY d. Sep 28, 1862 married Jemima Elizabeth Curnutt 4. John Chapman b. mar 23, 1823 Harrison Co., KY d. Feb 23, 1896 married Susanna Berry 5. Mary Ann "Polly" Chapman b. Feb 1825 Harrison Co., KY d. 1908 married Washington Harrison married Ebenezer B. Race married Amos A. Harris 6. Washington Chapman b. Aug 22, 1826 Harrison Co., KY d. Oct 4, 1867 married Susan Lydia Wisemore 7. Boss Chapman b. 1828 Harrison Co., KY d. Sep 28, 1845 8. Perry Chapman b. Dec 27, 1828 Harrison Co., KY d. 1900 married Rachel A. Broom married Sarah A. Treace married Elizabeth Right 9. George Andrew Chapman b. Oct 2, 1829 Harrison Co, KY d. Jul 9, 1916 married Elizabeth Soverns 10. Elizabeth Ann Chapman b. Oct 10, 1831 Harrison Co., KY d. Sep 8, 1874 married Squire Wilson 11. Jane Chapman b. Aug 1833 d. aft 1900 married Cornelius Benjamin Johnson 12. Isaac Chapman b. 1834 Bloomfield, Edgar, IL d. 1913 married Mary Ann James 13. Thomas S. Chapman b. May 1838 d. 1913 married Elizabeth A. Wilson married Mary Ellen Myers

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