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Nancy Daniel

Ahnentafel by CFA #365 Betty Joe Swanson. Ancestors, Edmund Chapman and Nancy Daniel are my line. I would like for references and/or more information as it relates to Nancy Daniel and her parents William T. Daniel and Nancy "Katie" Glass.
Any Help is appreciated.

Nathaniel Chapman

My Grandmother Marjorie Allen White was a DAR member since 1927. Our Revolutionary Ancestor is Nathaniel Chapman (Sarah/Sally Gott), whose son James Chapman (Mary Jewel) was the father of Martha Trask Chapman (Sylvanus Boardman) whose daughter was Laura Walton Allen (Charles Henry Allen) who was the mother of Carl Alton Allen Sr (Lily Brown Allen) who was the father of my Grandmother (Marjorie Allen White) whose son is Randolph Allen White, my father. I have read in numerous notations that my Nathaniel Chapman (Revolutionary War Private/Minute Man/Body Guard) is a direct descendant of Edward of Ipswich. I believe through Edward's son Nathaniel's line, although I have not been able to establish for myself yet. I believe that I belong to the Chapman family and would like to find out how to apply for membership and to find out what information I might be able to obtain from other family members... I have photos pretty much all the way up to James Chapman. I have copies of old tin types from my Grandmothers personal collection which she gave me a long time ago. My Grandmother passed away in 2003....

Nathaniel Chapman

I am a direct descendant of Nathaniel Chapman, b. 1703 to sons John and Jonathan. Is there any documentation Revolutionary War service for any of these Chapman’s?

Nathaniel Chapman

We have proven our family linkages down to Nathaniel Chapman (and Constantia Pearson Chapman).  However, we have been unable to find documentary proof (e.g., birth, marriage or death certificates, wills, deeds, etc.) linking back to Jonathan Chapman, from him to Thomas Chapman III, then to Thomas Chapman II, and finally to Thomas Chapman I, who came over on the Tryall in 1610 even though they appear in many genealogical writings. .
Could anyone offer some suggestions in this regard?
I will be very grateful for any suggestions or persons to contact that may be helpful in this research.

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