Reuben Chapman Sr.

Nancy Jean Salvi is looking for the parents of her 5th generation great grandfather, Reuben Chapman Sr., born ca 1761 CT. She believes his father is Collins Chapman Sr, born 1732 Saybrook CT. LDS records list Collins Sr. with 4 children. Collins JR (well documented) is born 1757, a second child (female) is born ca 1759, and a 3rd child (male) Chapman is born ca 1761. She thinks this third child is my Reuben Chapman Sr.
A CFA member #589, David Westley Chapman, listed his Chapman ancestors, and I believe the elder Collins Chapman is my Reuben's father. Everything fits....She does not have proof. Here is what she knows:
Reuben (born ca 1761) married Hannah Botsford (born ca 1765) in Derby New Haven CT in 1780, He appears in the Derby New Haven CT Census for 1790, and I don't see him again.
His son, R(euben) Chapman Jr (born ca 1781) appears in the 1810 Oxford New Haven CT Census, and even he disappears after that. Reuben Jr's wife, Polly, dies in 1813, the same year their daughter Polly Ann Chapman is born.
Daughter Polly Ann Chapman (born 1813), of Oxford. Marries Thomas Robinson in 1836.
Their daughter Sarah Maria Robinson married James Livingston Adams in 1857...continuing the line to me.

Robert Chapman

I have been using and am certain of my family tree from myself through the two Robert Chapman(s) in Baltimore, MD.
However, I question the connection in many of the family trees on that connect them with yet another Robert Chapman who they claim is a descendant of Thomas Chapman in Jordan's Journey Virginia. For the life of me I cannot find proof or evidence connecting the Maryland Chapman’s to the early settlers in Virginia (Thomas Chapman). So, what I am looking for is the father of the second 'Robert Chapman' and where he came from & whether there are any ancestors known ~ prior to the 'Robert Chapman(s)'....

Robert Chapman of Saybrook

My name is Allen Schmidt, and I am researching my mother's line. I am not sure to what extent you could help me, but a site dedicated to Chapman family research seems most promising. I was looking at your web site, the links, and family pedigrees currently maintained, and could not find a direct link anywhere to my family. Some people have it connecting to Robert Chapman of Saybrook, I cannot find that link with the current sources I am seeing. I was wondering what the best way was to figure out if I can enlist your help? join your organization? find resources your members have available that I could find helpful? I have hit the brick wall, thanks for you help in advance.
My connection to the Chapman line starts with
Laura Ann Chapman Birth 21 NOV 1850 • Hamlin, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Death 23 MAR 1934 • Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Laura married my Great Grandfather
Joseph Sylvester Edwards Birth 1848 • Madisonville, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA Death 21 MAY 1884 • Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Laura's parents were
Daniel Chapman Birth ABT. 1798 • Connecticut, USA Death ABT. APR 1864 • Salem, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
Hannah Carey Birth 1815 • Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA Death 25 JUN 1894 • Salem, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
This is the point things get a little less clear and the internet forks in various directions

I think Daniel's parents were Ebeneezer Chapman & Rhoda Hale. I have seen trees posted on the Web with Daniel's parents as Ebeneezer Chapman and Mary Chalkins that would connect up thru the Robert Chapman line, but this does not make sense to me for various reason (ie: No son Daniel is listed in that family)
I have seen sources recording Daniel from Glastenbury, Conn, which is where Ebeneezer and Rhoda Hale were married.
This sort of summarizes where my family connects into the Chapman line, and give a overview of my current situation. I am looking verify that family connections up thru Daniel's parents.

Robert J. Chapman

I ran across your web site since all I know is my grandfather's name and where he is from I am having an issue finding any further info. With most of them gone and lack of money as my aunts and uncles grew up they did not know most of the family. Here is the info I know, would you be able to help me out or lead me ion the right direction?
ROBERT J. CHAPMAN was born on 15 September 1921, in Pennsylvania, USA.

Robert died on 22 February 2000, aged 78, in Indiana.
METTIE RUTH CHAPMAN (WHITSON) (Robert's wife) was born on 7 August 1921.
Mettie became generally known as Ruth. Ruth died on 16 February 2008, aged 86.
Robert J. Chapman 32 married Mettie Ruth Chapman (Whitson). They had four children:
Patricia A Carr (Chapman) 23 in 1949
Robert Chapman 26 in 1950
David Chapman 29
Helen Watts (Chapman) 30

Robert Samuel Chapman

My grandfather was adopted by his Aunt Winter and her husband but he was a Chapman. I can trace back to the early 1800’s in Tennessee but family lore states that there was a Scotch-Irish Chapman that immigrated to the US that started the family here. It’s been reported that he had a very strong accent. I have pretty much exhausted my search resources on

The last ancestor I can trace here in the states is: Robert Samuel Chapman, Born 1843 Mississippi US, Marriage 29 Jun 1866 – Yalobusha, Mississippi, US, Death 1880, Spouse Margaret Winter. Served in Ballantine’s Regiment of the 3rd Mississippi Calvary Battalion – also attached to Nathan Forrest’s Calvary. Robert had a brother named Allen. A story has gone around that Robert’s granddad was from Ireland. I’ve heard the Irish connection from my dad as a Scotch-Irish ancestry with an accent that was difficult to understand. He had sons Lee (my grandfather, whose full name was Robert Lee – became a Winter when adopted out to his Aunt), Lewis, Sarah (Sallie), Geneva and Julia and John. It may be that his father was Armour J. Chapman, born 1811 in Tennessee, US as the birth dates are in line for a Robert S. But I can
find no ancestor to Armour and am not even sure that Armour is Robert S’s father.

Ruth Hill Chapman

It looks like my grandmothers are directly linked back to Ruth Hill Chapman (7-30-1851) until the line breaks from Hervey. Hervey is directly linked to Robert (1616).