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William Chapman Sr.

Deanne Taylor is requesting any assistance with researching her newly discovered Chapman ancestors. She is looking for information on; WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Sr., who was born circa 1772 in Connecticut, possibly New Hartford. William, Sr. it appears died sometime after 1850 in Middlebury, Vermont. He was possibly married to an ANNE CORRE. William and Anne had at least two children; LUCY JANE CHAPMAN (1806-1860) and WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Jr. (1809-1897). Both Williams appear in the 1850 Vermont Census, Addison County in the town of Middlebury. Looking for information on WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Sr., his parents and if his wife was indeed, ANNE CORRE.

William Chapman                                                Aug. 5, 2014

I spoke with you last week about the possibility of moving the graves of several of the Chapman family who are buried in a small grave site in
Flemingsburg, Kentucky. These graves are in the front yard of a home owner there. The stones were upright a few years ago but now they are all laid flat and grass is growing over them. The names are William Chapman 1742 - 1807, his wife Eleanor Knox, their son William Chapman Jr. and his wife Naomi, Naomi's father Basil Browning and one or two other graves.

I have been in contact with a cousin, Elaine Logan who lives near by who is willing to see to the moving of the graves and said her husband would do the digging. The cemetery they would be moved to is near by. William Chapman owned the property where these graves are located. I have spoken with the woman was the owner in 1997 and she was not willing to have an iron fence put around the graves at that time. The entire cost would be about 1700 dollars which is amazing considering the number of graves which would have to be moved. I feel that if descendant's were notified of this problem they would be willing to donate to this project, and we were wondering if the Chapman Family Association could be advised of this situation in the next Chapman newsletter.

As you know William Chapman served in the Revolutionary War and is entitled to honors to be placed on his head stone. The sons of the American Revolution would take care of that part. My husband Nathan Plummer saw that this was done for another ancestor of ours by the name of George Plummer who is buried in Plummer's Landing, Fleming County, Kentucky. It was a special day and over a hundred people attended. Elaine Logan helped with this also. Elaine Logan has already contacted the Mortuary and the Coroner for their approval as this is necessary before it is done.

As you can tell my family and I feel strongly that this man should be honored by taking care of his burial site. If we don't do it those coming after us will never know where he is buried. I'll be interested to know your feeling about this.

William Chapman

I am interested in finding out more about my Chapman roots in England. My Grand father, Clinton Joseph Chapman, was Homer’s brother.
Can you help me? How can I go back further than William Chapman b. 1799 and Hannah Fisher b. 1799 mentioned in this the referenced geneology?

William Chapman

I came across The Chapman Family association.  As a Chapman, my curiosity was peaked.  
My connection is William Chapman.  I believe he was born in 1850? Missouri.  He married Fanny Tucker.  They lived in Eufala, OK (Choctaw I.T.) in the late 1880s.  

They had several children.  One of which was Willie Wade Chapman.  She was born, I believe 1893 or 4 in Choctaw I.T.  Willie Wade married Walter Burrows in I believe was 1909? In Plattersville, OK Choctaw I.T.   
They had a child named Myrtle Cletus Burrows Feb.7, 1910, then loaded up the wagon and went to North Texas within a few months after having Mrytle.  They had several more children.  
Myrtle had several children being born in Denton, TX from 1925 ( Vernon Evans Jr). My father was born on April 21, 1949.  His name was Johnny Wayne Hilliard. 

William Chapman 1633

I did my DNA at Family tree and have both the Y and autosomal done a few years ago. I have been disappointed as I have not heard from any of the members whom I believe go back to William Chapman 1633-1699. I thought that we would find out if any of the early Chapman's were related. There is a Robert Chapman that some thought might be related to our William but I haven't read any account of finding relation between Chapmans. Maybe I just don't understand what the information says on the long list on the Chapman group which I check from time to time. A number of years ago my wife and I spent 2 weeks at Whitby where the earliest Chapmans were. I found many William Chapmans there but non seemed to connect with my William. There is a wonderful Museum there which is mostly about the Chapman family. I got in free when they found I was a Chapman. I attended a meeting of the Cleveland family history Society which met in the Whitby Library. They said that non of the Chapmans left there for New England because they were all the very rich. Many were Bankers. An early English Pound note is called the Chapman. My William Chapman was the Church Sexton at New London so not of a rich class. Still don't know where they were from but one of our members told me that he thinks they were probably from the London area.

William E. Chapman

I'm Moos Raaijmakers a WO1 in the Dutch army engineer corps. As a hobby I create and maintain memorials on One of them is the memorial for pfc Willard E Chapman 35625721. I manage 22 of the 25 memorials for the driver and passengers of the Duke Amphibian truck that went down on Lake Garda Italy on April 30th 1945. For this memorial I'm trying to locate pictures of the soldiers to place them there. So the question is, do you have a photograph of Willard Chapman and if so may I placed it on his memorial.

William Gardner Chapman

I saw a list of Chapman families extracted by Kathy Duncan from the 1850 census. I am related to William Gardner Chapman of Panola County, TX on that document. There is a CFA note that is referenced.
I note that a neighbor in the census was Sherod Hines who married a Mary Ann Chapman in Hardman County, TN. I am only guessing that my relative William Gardner Chapman (born 1824) and Mary Ann Chapman were brother and sister. Some census records list W. G. Chapman as from TN while other list him from Alabama.

William Hamilton Chapman

I am a descendant of the Chapman Family, my mother was a Chapman. I have traced my family back to my GreatGranddfather
William Hamilton Chapman but he appears to have come from out of the blue. Please see attached Genealogy report. Could you shed any light on this leg of the Chapman Family or steer me in a direction that might help.

(Please contact Marvin for copies of the attachments)

William Joseph Chapman

I realized that there were several researchers/members in the CFA, but you were shown as the correspondent and had an address I could use. I don't think I made some of the facts quite clear. I have been working on all of Mark's lineages and have traced several back a long way, but am stumped by William. I have found three different sets of parents for him and all are wrong. I am hoping someone in your organization can place him and his brothers, Brooklin and Hiram. Mark's father was Major Jack Chapman b. 09 Jun 1816 in Laclede Co., Missouri, d. 03 Jan 1972, Kansas City, Missouri. His grandfather was Isaac Jackson "Jack" Chapman Jr, b, 06 Oct 1863, b. Buffalo, Dallas Co., Missouri, d. 31 Aug 1942, Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri, bur Forest Park Cemetery. His g grandfather was Isaac Jackson Chapman, Sr, b. 1835, Tennessee, was killed in 1864 in or near Georgia, during the Civil War while serving as a Confederate soldier. He is buried in the Macedonia  Cemetery , in Dallas Co., Missouri. His gg grandfather was William Chapman, b. ca 1790 in Tennessee, died in1845 in Dallas Co., Missouri. William Joseph Chapman is a brother to Isaac Jackson "Jack" Chapman. I just put his record in because it appears that he is not traced before. I have considerably more information, but wanted to limit it to just necessary information.All Mark's family knew of the Chapman side was the names of two uncles I started with their Uncle Melvin in Jasper Co., Missouri and found "I. Jack" Chapman in the same cemetery, then everything else was clear sailing.

William Rodman Chapman                                                                                        Jul. 5, 2013

Submitted an – at DNA (for me) and have had no matches from any Chapman’s. I have no proven male Chapman relative to have an YDNA done. Would love to find one.
There are no known living Chapman descendants of this line, except my own children. (I am an only child, my father (also an only child is deceased), his father Walter (died at 36-sick most of his short life) was an only child, his grandfather Jasper Newton Chapman (died at 25) was the only male for his mother, Margaret Cox and Father William Rodman Chapman’s 4 children. The same William Rodman Chapman had many males in the family of 11 children from his first wife Fanny McHenry. I have attached the two Family Group Sheets from the two marriages of William Rodman Chapman. I have had DNA matches to the Cox family. Looking for living descendants.

John Chapman b 1791 md Elizabeth Betsy Rodman b 1790’s on 8 July 1813 in Shelby Co, Kentucky. They had 12 children. I have attached a PDF file of John & Betsy Rodman Chapman Family Group Sheet. I am looking for living descendants of any of their children. Have had matches to the Rodman family.
Have determined that John’s father was Amos Chapman b abt 1745 in PA and served in the Revolutionary War from Cumberland County, PA (Have his Pension records). John had 5 sisters but no brothers. Amos’s father was John who moved from Cumberland Pa with his son Amos about 1800 and died between 1816 and 1820 in Shelby, KY. His father was probably the William Chapman who signed papers in Cumberland Co, Pa in 1752 shortly after Cumberland County was formed. I have some documentation for Amos and his father John.

Only a guess for oldest William Chapman. I am trying to prove or disprove that this William Chapman came from the Bucks County PA family (you have several as members) and at some time may have left the Quaker faith and moved to Cumberland Co. PA. – This is only supposition no proof at all and I am open to anything available.

I assume that most people have not gone as far back as Amos and do not know about him. We are more likely to find individuals connected to the Siblings or Children of William Rodman Chapman. So I would like to start there to find related individuals.

(Please contact Elaine for copies of the attachments)

William Simon Chapman

Leela A. Chapman (#470) is looking for proof or documentation that William Simon Chapman was the son of Lewis Neal Chapman and Sally Pointer. This is a cousin of #505 that I’m doing a DAR Application for.

William C. Chapman and Mary "Polly" H. McClure

My name is Barb (Hayes) Clayton, wife of Olin D. Clayton, son of the late Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton. Dale died in 2012 Oct 16 and his wife died July 2016, both are buried in Witt Cemetery in Witt, Illinois. Both were born in Montgomery County, Illinois. Dale E. Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton. Both are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Leo died in Aug 1987 in Hillsboro, Il and his wife Suavilla died May 1, 1970 in Oconee, Ill. Charles Leo Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Martha (Bass) Clayton. Both buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Henry Clayton was born in 1876 in Navarre, Ohio, son of Henry and Abigail (Chapman) Clayton. Henry Clayton born in England in 1852 and died in Oberlin, Ohio in 1878.After Henry's death Abigail married Dr William H. Geddy. Abigail Chapman was the daughter of David W. and Achsa (Abbott) Chapman. David W. Chapman was buried in Cleveland, Ohio and his 1st wife Achsa Abbott died in Oberlin, Ohio and was buried in Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin, Ohio. Would like to learn more about David W. Chapman's descendancy.


My husband's next line is Olin D. Clayton

Dale E and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton

John and Myrtle (Eddington) Armentrout

Clarence and Ida (Towell) Armentrout

Isaac Thomas and Elizabeth Jane (Chapman) Towell.

William C, and Mary "Polly"H. (McClure) Chapman


If you need more dates and info will gladly send

William Chapman

I am looking for information on an ancestor named William Chapman born January 1807 in Carlisle Cumberland County Pennsylvania (I believe). His wife is Margarete Hinkel. I have been unable to find any information on his parents. I have found a document of the baptism of his child at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carlisle and his marriage in 1832 at Zion German Lutheran Church in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

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