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b. 17 Jun 1716 Connecticut - d. 1749 Windham, Connecticut


Ebenezer Chapman was born about Jun 17, 1716 in Windham, Connecticut Colony. His father was probably William and mother Ann. He married Prudence Johnson on May 20, 1736 in Woodstock, Connecticut Colony. They had five children during their marriage. He died as a young father in 1749 in Windham, Connecticut Colony.

Family Manager: Liz Codding


DISCLAIMER: These are living documents subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

William Chapman of Ipswich b. 1562 - 1682: TeamMember
William Chapman of Ipswich b. 1562 - 1682: About Us

Ebenezer Chapman

b. Jun 17 1716, Tolland Co., CT        
Married 1736 Woodstock, Windham Co., CT

Prudence Johnson


1. Ebenezer b. 1743 d. unknown
married Sarah
Shubal Chapman b. 1767

2. Unknown b. unknown

3. Unknown b. unknown

4. Unknown b. unknown

5. Unknown
b. unknown

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