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Read about our beginning.

Theoretically, every Chapman line can be traced to a single root person or family. It may have been an emigrant to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or other place. It may have been the first person to use a surname based on his trade. It is our mission to help find that beginning.

All of the lineages designate a different family or line of families that all share the surname Chapman. Not all Chapman's are related by blood, but do share a sense of family in the common surname.

Help identify your DNA link to the Chapmans.

The objectives of the Chapman DNA Project are:
1. Encourage a wide sample of Chapmans to do DNA testing.

2. Identify the various Chapman families most closely matching each other.

3. Encourage joint exploration and expansion of the family trees.

Helping Chappies find their roots. 

View and read a selection of Publications.

Got questions, Get answers

Know any Chapmans?

Over the years the Chapman Family Association has received through donation or acquisition several published works, periodicals, and other research materials that are maintained at our library. These materials are available to check out by CFA members.

Chapman Family Association Conferences are a place for members to meet, share experiences and learn from each other. Meeting places are selected by the membership to expand experience in history, geography and genealogy.

A selection of unidentified photos or objects contributed by Chapmans.

Don't know where to research next. Check out these resources.

We are an association of Chapman families and welcome all that are interested in learning or sharing genealogical, historical, or genetic genealogical information and resources.


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