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Lost and Found

The Chapman Family Association is dedicated to helping Chappies find their roots. Sometimes that means finding the family that something belongs to. Things come to us that might have belonged to a Chapman family, but no one knows for sure who that family might now be. This time it was a Bible. Recently a CFA member bought a Chapman Family Bible on Ebay. It was 200 years old and shows wear and tear but it turned out to have belonged to the family of a Revolutionary War veteran. It was not the member’s family so it is now in CFA’s possession with the objective to find some of the family that had originally owned it while recovering its cost as possible.


The Revolutionary War Veteran was Joshua Chapman, born March 14, 1755 in New London, Connecticut colony. The Bible was owned by his son, Ambrose b. 1786 m. Sabrina b. 1787, Chapman. The bible is 206 years old printed in or after 1814.


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