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I stumbled across your Chapman website accidentally this evening and noticed my 3rd g grandparents at the very top of your Scotland Marriages.They were Adam Chapman and Helen Thomson. I also found Adam’s parents and daughters marriage records on the list.Have these come from members of your group, and if so, is there a way for me to find other family members who descend from this line?


I am looking for information on an ancestor named William Chapman born January 1807 in Carlisle Cumberland County Pennsylvania (I believe). His wife is Margarete Hinkel. I have been unable to find any information on his parents. I have found a document of the baptism of his child at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carlisle and his marriage in 1832 at Zion German Lutheran Church in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.


I did my DNA at Family tree and have both the Y and autosomal done a few years ago. I have been disappointed as I have not heard from any of the members whom I believe go back to William Chapman 1633-1699. I thought that we would find out if any of the early Chapman's were related. There is a Robert Chapman that some thought might be related to our William but I haven't read any account of finding relation between Chapmans. Maybe I just don't understand what the information says on the long list on the Chapman group which I check from time to time. A number of years ago my wife and I spent 2 weeks at Whitby where the earliest Chapmans were. I found many William Chapmans there but non seemed to connect with my William. There is a wonderful Museum there which is mostly about the Chapman family. I got in free when they found I was a Chapman. I attended a meeting of the Cleveland family history Society which met in the Whitby Library. They said that non of the Chapmans left there for New England because they were all the very rich. Many were Bankers. An early English Pound note is called the Chapman. My William Chapman was the Church Sexton at New London so not of a rich class. Still don't know where they were from but one of our members told me that he thiks they were probably from the London area.


I saw a list of Chapman families extracted by Kathy Duncan from the 1850 census. I am related to William Gardner Chapman of Panola County, TX on that document. There is a CFA note that is referenced.
I note that a neighbor in the census was Sherod Hines who married a Mary Ann Chapman in Hardman County, TN. I am only guessing that my relative William Gardner Chapman (born 1824) and Mary Ann Chapman were brother and sister. Some census records list W. G. Chapman as from TN while other list him from Alabama.


Hi, my Nan May Thompson (nee Chapman) died early this year at 105 in Leek Staffordshire. As a point of interest I came across your site and wondered if you had any information about the Chapmans of Lingfield and before? Our Nans grandfather came to Leek around the 1850s from Lingfield.


#1. My name is Barb (Hayes) Clayton, wife of Olin D. Clayton, son of the late Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton. Dale died in 2012 Oct 16 and his wife died July 2016, both are buried in Witt Cemetery in Witt, Illinois. Both were born in Montgomery County, Illinois. Dale E. Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton. Both are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Leo died in Aug 1987 in Hillsboro, Il and his wife Suavilla died May 1, 1970 in Oconee, Ill. Charles Leo Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Martha (Bass) Clayton. Both buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Henry Clayton was born in 1876 in Navarre, Ohio, son of Henry and Abigail (Chapman) Clayton. Henry Clayton born in England in 1852 and died in Oberlin, Ohio in 1878.After Henry's death Abigail married Dr William H. Geddy. Abigail Chapman was the daughter of David W. and Achsa (Abbott) Chapman. David W. Chapman was buried in Cleveland, Ohio and his 1st wife Achsa Abbott died in Oberlin, Ohio and was buried in Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin, Ohio. Would like to learn more about David W. Chapman's descendancy.
My husband's next line is
Olin D. Clayton
Dale E and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton
John and Myrtle (Eddington)Armentrout
Clarence and Ida (Towell) Armentrout
Isaac Thomas and Elizabeth Jane (Chapman) Towell
William C, and Mary "Polly"H. (McClure) Chapman
If you need more dates and info will gladly send.


I am Julie (Chapman) Edwards of Traverse City, MI. I am very new to genealogy and have recently begun tracing my Chapman ancestors.
On your website under Records / Genealogies I found my 3x great-gradfather's name, Justus Chapman (1784-1819), who died in Phelps, Ontario Cty., New York, His son,, Justus P. Chapman, is my 2x great-grandfather, then George W. Chapman (great-grandfather), DeVere Vining Chapman (grandfather), and Dale W. Chapman (father). From Justus P. to my father, they have all lived in and been buried in Michigan.
If you indeed have Chapman's from this line, I would be interested in learning about this and may wish to be considered for membership. 
At this time,I have not been able to find Justus Chapman's parents or other ancestor information. He may have come from CT or NH, but all death/burial records from the Phelps, NY courthouse prior to 1850 were destroyed in a fire.


I'm asking for help to get information on my grandfather Edward Chapman dob 02/28/1934, dod 07/22/1996. My father is Frank Lee Chapman dob 02/22/1940, dod 9011. Brothers are Eddy and Thomas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm helping someone trace her Chapman roots and am struggling to find information on her great-great grandfather Elijah Chapman. I'm wondering if your association has information about Ohio branches of the family that might help me in my search. He was born around 1807 in Connecticut and then lived in the state of New York for awhile before ending up in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where he died 22 Oct 1869. He was a butcher and is enumerated as such in the 1850 US Census in Brutus, Cayuga County, New York, and in 1860 in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio. He married Harriet Emeline Berry (I don't have a marriage record or date) and had at least four children: Helen E Chapman (m. David van Epps), Elton K. Chapman (m. Mary L. Woodbury), Emeline Celia "Emma" Chapman (m. A D Belknap), and Ada Bird Chapman (m. George H. Wood and Edson T. Stanclift). If there's any information you could share with me or if there's someone else you know I could contact for information, it would be greatly appreciated.


My great grandmother was Lillian Imogene Chapman (1900-1936) lived in East Hampton (also called Chatham), Connecticut. She's buried in Skinnerville Cemetery in East Hampton. Her father was Sanford Horace Chapman (1858-1909), born in Glastonbury, CT and I have him on census documents that he lived in East Hampton, also.
His father was Horace Chapman (I'm not sure of the dates- I have 1796-1875, but I can't find him on census documents from 1850, where the rest of his family is listed as living in Chatham, but he is not. I have found a gravestone in East Hampton for a Horace Chapman that died in 1848, so maybe this is him but I don't know). This Horace was married to Harriet Hoadley - There is a book in which this match is noted and on the census documents I have found, Harriet Chapman is the mother of William (aka Willie and Burton) Chapman.
That's as far as I can get. It's like Horace Chapman just appeared out of thin air. I can't find anything on your site that might suggest that he is descended from one of "Your" Chapmans... Can anyone help me? Does it matter what Chapmans I come from? Do we jut add another branch if we can figure these folks out?
Thanks for any help you can give.


#1. I've been in contact with your organization inthe past concerning the line of Michael Chapman d. 1779, his son NathanielChapman 1739-1809, and Nathaniel's son Michael Chapman, from Bethleham, Ct.I found a 1773 deposition signed by Michael Chapman, the elder, and by anIsrael Chapman.  I have not been able to find any other information aboutIsrael but know he is not a son of Michael Sr. nor a son of Nathaniel.  Thismight be a clue to the parentage of Michael Sr. which is a brick wall at themoment.  The first record of Michael Sr. is his marriage to Marcy/MercyDoolittle in 1733.  Perhaps Israel is in your database?


My cousin and I have been trying to "prove" Michael's parentage for several year. The Hawley Society has Michael's father as Nathaniel but without sources. From our research Michael could just as easily been the son of Michael Chapman ?-1779 and Mercy Doolittle.

I have just examined a source kept at the Connecticut Historical Society in Harford that has answered that question.

Dr. Benjamin Hawley, MIchael Jr's father-in-law, kept account books one of which is at the Historical Society and there are two entries for medical services, bills and credits that proves that the father of Michael Chapman b. 1775 was Nathaniel CHapman b. 1739 who was the son of Michael and Mercy Doolittle Chapman.

So, now we know with documentation the father of Michael Chapman b. 1757. Under Nathaniel's medical entries there are entries for Molly and Rockzana, presumably daughters of Nathaniel as in other entries for other individuals Dr. Hawley wrote "for ye wife" instead of using her name. Now we jut need to find out the name of Nathaniel's wife which I have been unable to do so far. THere is a note in town recores 23 Dec 1807 that the wife of Nathaniel Chapman died.

Dr. Benjamin Hawley's Account Book

Michael Chapman 1782 June To pull 2 teeth 1 shillling 6 pence

July to one visit to see young Colt 1 shilling

1783 To inoculation 2 shillling 0 pence

April To Nathan 2 1/2 days ride hors 2 shillings 6 pence

1784 To one _ _ _ _ 8 pence

to visit stitch wound in hors 1 shilling 6 pense

Jan 24 to pull Tooth 6 pence

Carried to Ledger 3 page 18 16 shillings 8 pence

1782 June Contra Cr by your mare 5 miles 15 shilllings 0/10

1783, May by cash pad you your father 9 shillings

carried to Ledger 2 page 18 9 shillings 10 pence

[Under Nathaniel Chapmand there is the same 9 shilling charge added to his bill for Michael Chapman.]


We have proven our family linkages down to Nathaniel Chapman (and Constantia Pearson Chapman).  However, we have been unable to find documentary proof (e.g., birth, marriage or death certificates, wills, deeds, etc.) linking back to Jonathan Chapman, from him to Thomas Chapman III, then to Thomas Chapman II, and finally to Thomas Chapman I, who came over on the Tryall in 1610 even though they appear in many genealogical writings. .
Could anyone offer some suggestions in this regard?
I will be very grateful for any suggestions or persons to contact that may be helpful in this research.


Is there is anyone there that might be able to help me break through my Chapman family lines.  From the information I have gathered through your website and my own research it appears that my 3x great-grandfather is Francis Chapman born in 1851 in Cooperstown, NY.  My 2x great-grandfather is Bert Chapman born sometime between 1873 and 1878 somewhere between Cooperstown and Fort Wayne, IN.  He died in 1964 and is buried in Poe Cemetery with his wife Elsie M Chapman.  My great-grandfather is Delbert Chapman born in Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN in 1911 and died in WA in 2005.  He was married to Rachel Burden.  My biological grandfather Jerry and my great-aunt Judith were their children.  My mom Rachel is from Jerry's first marriage to Judith Ann Stanley.  I am just trying to connect the dots from Francis and Christina's wedding in 1872 to how Bert ended up in Indiana.  I was able to find a Francis Chapman in Huron County, Ohio as a cabinet maker sometime in the 1870's and I did find a guardianship through the Allen County Records regarding a Bert Chapman in 1899 I am not sure if these are connected or not.  If your group has any further information I would greatly appreciate this.


I was doing some family research and I was given some information that lead me to your web site. A little information about what I am doing/looking for. My great grandfather was Charles Quint Smith. His parents were Dr. William Edward Smith and Cora C. Chapman or Chatman. I was told that her full name was Cornelia Clyde "Cora" Chapman, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth McDonald Chapman. He is the son of William and Margaret Chapma and he is the son of James and Elizabeth Chapman.
Now I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and I was looking at some people that fought in the Revolutionary War ad there is a James Chapman born 1749 died 1782 and I looked on and found that someone's family tree lists this James Chapma born 1749 died 1783. Do you know if this is the same James CHapma? If so I would like to use him as a patriot ancestor. I would need to find proof of lineage and was hoping your site could assist with finding the proof of lineage but any help would be nice even if its just convirming that Cora C. Chapman is the daughter of Thomas.


I realized that there were several researchers/members in the CFA, but you were shown as the correspondent and had an address I could use. I don't think I made some of the facts quite clear. I have been working on all of Mark's lineages and have traced several back a long way, but am stumped by William. I have found three different sets of parents for him and all are wrong. I am hoping someone in your organization can place him and his brothers, Brooklin and Hiram.Mark's father was Major Jack Chapman b. 09 Jun 1816 in Laclede Co., Missouri, d. 03 Jan 1972, Kansas City, Missouri. His grandfather was Isaac Jackson "Jack" Chapman Jr, b, 06 Oct 1863, b. Buffalo, Dallas Co., Missouri, d. 31 Aug 1942, Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri, bur Forest Park Cemetery. His g grandfather was Isaac Jackson Chapman, Sr, b. 1835, Tennessee, was killed in 1864 in or near Georgia, during the Civil War while serving as a Confederate soldier. He is buried in the Macedonia  Cemetery , in Dallas Co., Missouri. His gg grandfather was William Chapman, b. ca 1790 in Tennessee, died in1845 in Dallas Co., Missouri.William Joseph Chapman is a brother to Isaac Jackson "Jack" Chapman. I just put his record in because it appears that  he is not traced before. I have considerably more information, but wanted to limit it to just necessary information.All Mark's family knew of the Chapman side was the names of two uncles I started with their Uncle Melvin in Jasper Co., Missouri and found "I. Jack" Chapman in the same cemetery, then everything else was clear sailing.


Ahnentafel by CFA #365 Betty Joe Swanson. Ancestors, Edmund Chapman and Nancy Daniel are my line. I would like for references and/or more information as it relates to Nancy Daniel and her parents William T. Daniel and Nancy "Katie" Glass.
Any Help is appreciated.



My 3rd great grandfather, Justus Chapman (1784-1819), who died in Phelps, Ontario, New York. His son, Justus P. Chapman, is my 2nd great grandfather, then George W/ Chapman (great grandfather), De Vere Vining Chapman (grandfather, and Dale W. Chapman (father).From Justus P. to my father, they lived in and been buried in Michigan. 
If you have Chapmans from this line, I would be interested in learning about this. At this time, I have not been able to find Justus Chapman's parents or other ancestor information. I have not been able to find Justus Chapman's parents or other ancestor information. He may have come from CT or NH, but all death/burial records from the Phelps, NY courthouse prior to 1850 were destroyed in a fire.

McKay Coffee

I am continuing the research of my mother, Debbie Coffey, who has an inquiry on your website. I would like to know who I might contact to collaborate on Chapman research being done in the Detroit, Michigan area in the early 1800s. 


My 2nd and 3rd great-grandfathers were both named George W. Chapman and were both born in the Detroit Michigan area before the family moved to Washington around 1891. George W. Sr. was born in 1840 and was a mason or plasterer as recorded in the Detroit city directory in 1861 and 1871-1891 (not sure where he went from '61-'71). I've found the family in the 1870 census, but not the 1860. In 1850 I find a George W. Ch. *1840 in the home of Francis Furton (Not sure if this is him or not). 


George W. Sr. married Mary "Sauteuse" (1844- ) in 1860. This fact comes from the marriage return of their eldest son, Charles (1864- ) in Washington state. The assumption here is that George W. Sr. married a woman of the Sauteuse Indian tribe! 


These are the facts I have to work with along with some other later records in Washington. Please let me know who I might contact to get help in my research of these Chapman ancestors so I can link up with the bigger family tree!

I am actively researching the family of Philander Chapman in Michigan. I am active on both and FamilySearch. If anyone has any information on this family or would like to collaborate with me, please reach out to me by email. The real challenge is finding Philander’s origins and his parents’ names. Below is some basic information which I have compiled so far. Email me for more information.

1.Philander1Chapman b about 1804 likely in NY m about 1838 likely in Detroit, Wayne, MI MARY DES ANGES FURTON, b there 7 Mar 1821 d there 1 Jan 1906 dau of Francis Xavier Furton and Mary Des Anges Sene, res 1840 Marshall, Calhoun, MI as head of household d 1844 bur 18 Jul 1844 Albion, Calhoun, MI in Riverside Cemetery


2.      i.    George2 W. b 3 Jan 1840

3.      ii.   Charles Frank b 18 Feb 1844  

2.George W.2Chapman (Philander1) b 3 Jan 1840 MI bap 6 Apr 1841 Ste Anne Detroit m 30 Apr 1860 Detroit, MI MARY COUTURE, b 14 Jul 1843 Detroit, MI d and bur about 1906 Mabton, Yakima, WA dau of Louis Couture and Marie Amable Bourdon, res Detroit until about 1891 moved to Seattle and then Yakima, WA d and bur about 1906 Mabton, Yakima WA


                       i.    Georgius3 Chapman bap 19 Oct 1860 Ste Anne Detroit bur there 22 Oct 1860

                       ii.   Ludovicus Chapman b Jan 1862 Ste Anne Detroit bur there 3 Sep 1862

                       iii.  Charles William Chapman b 10 Nov 1862 Macomb, MI d 11 Feb 1932 Bowling Green, FL

                       iv.  Alvin Chapman b about 1866 Detroit, MI d 15 Apr 1915 Vancouver, Canada

                       v.   Anne Chapman b 1868 Michigan d 17 Nov 1890 Detroit, MI

                       vi.  Lucia Chapman b 7 Apr 1872 Detroit, MI d about 1882

                      vii.  George W. Chapman b 1 Jan 1876 d after 1922

3.Charles Frank2Chapman (Philander1) b 18 Feb 1844 Albion, Calhoun, MI m 28 Oct 1865 Macomb, MI JANE J. LEGRAFF, b 16 May 1849 Clinton, MI d 15 Sep 1922 Mason, MI dau of Joseph LeGraff and Celia Joy, enlisted in company B, June 19, 1861, at Fort Wayne, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Aug. 28, 1861. Re-enlisted Dec. 15, 1862, at Brandy Station, VA. Mustered Dec. 26, 1863. Promoted Corporal October 1864. Discharged on Surgeon's certificate of disability at Washington, DC, Dec. 24, 1864 d 30 Jan 1906 Chase, MI bur in Free Soil, MI


         i.    Alice L.3 Chapman b 27 Mar 1867 Mason, MI d 26 Sep 1928 Ludington, MI

         ii.   Eva May Chapman b 19 May 1870 Sherman, MI d 10 Sep 1908 Maine

         iii.  Nellie Maud Chapman b 9 Oct 1874 Sherman, MI d 13 May 1911 Ludington MI

        iv.  Frank Howard Chapman b 28 Aug 1878 Sherman, MI d 14 Mar 1948 Venango, PA

         v.   Ida Estell Chapman b 25 Jul 1885 Sherman, MI d 22 Aug 1949 Wellston, MI

Kathy Owen Brown

I descend from 2 different Chapman lines (?) that I just recently untangled, and hopefully have interpreted correctly. I was about ready to give up and just be happy with what solid info I had when I found the CFA.  

Line 1 :Martin VB Chapman (1835-1910 GA  ) m. Frances C Morris (1846-after 1910 GA)     in Northwest GA.  My maternal gt gt grands..
Line 2: Joseph Chapman(2nd child of above) married to Sallie Chapman (1874-1935) from my Chapman Line 2 (daughter of Fields (C or S) Chapman (1838-1921 GA) m to Margaret Hulsey (both buried in Trion, GA), George Chapman-Harriett Harmuth Chapman were Fields parents (SC). 

Judith Gamand

Mr Sonfield,  I am Judith Gamard, my mother is Marguerite E Chapman b. 1-1-1915.  We are descended from John Andrew Chapman

b. 7-17-1827, Hinds County, MS,  d. 10-10-1871, Hinds County MS.  I have researched family history for many years..  I have Chapman ancestry as far back as 1075, Lincolnshire, England.  currently I am gathering info on "cousins" across the South and the Midwest.  

I am interested in communicating with others who are researching Chapman history.

Nicky Hilliard

I came across The Chapman Family association.  As a Chapman, my curiosity was peaked.  
My connection is William Chapman.  I believe he was born in 1850? Missouri.  He married Fanny Tucker.  They lived in Eufala, OK (Choctaw I.T.) in the late 1880s.  

They had several children.  One of which was Willie Wade Chapman.  She was born, I believe 1893 or 4 in Choctaw I.T.  Willie Wade married Walter Burrows in I believe was 1909? In Plattersville, OK Choctaw I.T.   
They had a child named Myrtle Cletus Burrows Feb.7, 1910, then loaded up the wagon and went to North Texas within a few months after having Mrytle.  They had several more children.  
Myrtle had several children being born in Denton, TX from 1925 ( Vernon Evans Jr). My father was born on April 21, 1949.  His name was Johnny Wayne Hilliard. 

Mindy Merkley

As an adopted person living near Ottawa, Canada I became curious about my ancestry and decided that this was the year I would determine who my birth parents are. Through hard work and the use of Ancestry DNA I was able to establish and find my birth parents living in Toronto, Canada. My birth father's last name is Chapman and while continuing to do further research about my lineage, I came across the Chapman Family Association website. 


I have been able to determine my association with the Chapman family name as far back as John Chapman b.1811 in New York however I have not been able to find his name or any of his descendant's names on your website. Below I will provide the lineage I have established to date. Could you please provide me with a contact or information as to how I can connect the Canadian Chapman name to your data base?  


John Chapman b.1811 New York had son....

Elijah Adams Chapman b.1831 New York d. 1902 North Dakota had son...

Rollin Amos Chapman b.1858 Illinois d. 1920 Cando, North Dakota had son...

Raymond Chapman b.1888 Whitehall, Michigan d. 1979 Regina, Saskatchewan had son...

Grant Chapman b.1918 Drake, Saskatchewan d. 2001 Richmond Hill, Ontario had son...

Terry Chapman b.1943 Regina, Saskatchewan  - my birth father.


Thank you for your assistance,

Chris Thompson


Hi my Nan May Thompson (nee Chapman) died early this year at 105 in Leek Staffordshire. As a point of interest I came across your site and wondered if you had any information about the Chapmans of Lingfield and before? Our Nans grandfather came to Leek around the 1850s from Lingfield

William A Suggs

I was doing some family research and I was given some information that lead me to your web site. A little information about what I am doing/looking for. My great grandfather was Charles Quint Smith. His parents were Dr. William Edward Smith and Cora C. Chapman or Chatman. I was told that her full name was Cornelia Clyde "Cora" Chapman, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth McDonald Chapman. He is the son of William and Margaret Chapman and he is the son of James and Elizabeth Chapman. Now I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and I was looking at some people that fought in the Revolutionary War ad there is a James Chapman born 1749 died 1782 and I looked on and found that someone's family tree lists this James Chapma born 1749 died 1783. Do you know if this is the same James Chapman? If so I would like to use him as a patriot ancestor. I would need to find proof of lineage and was hoping your site could assist with finding the proof of lineage but any help would be nice even if its just confirming that Cora C. Chapman is the daughter of Thomas.

Ron Habel

My earliest CHAPMAN ancestor was Christened 26 Jul 1784 in Newton Upon Ouse, York, England. John, son of Mary CHAPMAN. No father is mentioned. His son Robert, born in 1810, arrived in the USA in 1832 from Huby, North Riding of Yorkshire and went directly to Grant County, Wisconsin. I don/t seem to relate to any members of the Chapman Family Association.

Mike Waggoner

My mother was Ruth Marie Chapman.

I have been following the Chapman line east and have been everywhere to take pictures and dig through the local archives except Hampshire County VA where William bought his 268 acres on Little Capon creek just south of the Potomac in the 1770’s.

In a previous version of this website I think I saw a note about a Chapman infant who was cared for by two guardians who managed his property until he came of age. Could this be the same person?

I am flying to England and Scotland next week to do research. I already know Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Chapman’s father was Daniel and his father was also Daniel. The elder Daniel was supposedly born in 1727 in the highlands and this fits as McLaughlin is a corruption of McLachlan and the McLachlan castle of the highland clan leader is on Loch Fyne northwest of Glasgow. I will be visiting the castle and documenting it. I will be staying in Edinburgh for three days and hope to do some research on him there.

Can anyone help me?  I will have my phone and tablet with email while I am in England and Scotland.

Mrs. Olin D. Clayton

My name is Barb (Hayes) Clayton, wife of Olin D. Clayton, son of the late Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton. Dale died in 2012 Oct 16 and his wife died July 2016, both are buried in Witt Cemetery in Witt, Illinois. Both were born in Montgomery County, Illinois. Dale E. Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton. Both are buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Leo died in Aug 1987 in Hillsboro, Il and his wife Suavilla died May 1, 1970 in Oconee, Ill. Charles Leo Clayton was the son of Charles Leo and Martha (Bass) Clayton. Both buried in Nokomis Cemetery in Nokomis, Il. Charles Henry Clayton was born in 1876 in Navarre, Ohio, son of Henry and Abigail (Chapman) Clayton. Henry Clayton born in England in 1852 and died in Oberlin, Ohio in 1878.After Henry's death Abigail married Dr William H. Geddy. Abigail Chapman was the daughter of David W. and Achsa (Abbott) Chapman. David W. Chapman was buried in Cleveland, Ohio and his 1st wife Achsa Abbott died in Oberlin, Ohio and was buried in Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin, Ohio. Would like to learn more about David W. Chapman's descendancy.


My husband's next line is Olin D. Clayton

Dale E and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton

John and Myrtle (Eddington) Armentrout

Clarence and Ida (Towell) Armentrout

Isaac Thomas and Elizabeth Jane (Chapman) Towell.

William C, and Mary "Polly"H. (McClure) Chapman


If you need more dates and info will gladly send

Nancy Turner

I am a descendant of Giles Chapman. I am in search of a copy of the book by Dr. Jesse Pugh Chapman, Jr, Giles CHapman of Bridlington and His Descendants. I was given an address for Jesse P. CHapman, III in Jacksonville, Illinois and was in hopes that he could help me, but the letter was returned. Any Idia where I could purchase a copy of this book, or can you direct me to someone who might know? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Janet Buchanan

I am interested in a possible membership, but in looking over your website I wonder if your organization has anything on the Chapman family in Sharon CT. I did get a copy of the Quarterly of the Summer 1999 from a library. On pg. 24 it has (2) John Chapman and Sarah (unk) with children…+12 Obadiah. I either didn’t copy the pages leading to
him or they didn’t have them. This is the family I am interested in. I descend from John Chapman and Rachel Jackson (of Sharon, CT and then New Marlborough, MA). John’s
father was Peletiah (son of Obadiah).

Stephen Chapman Born

I am interested in finding out more about my Chapman roots in England. My Grand father, Clinton Joseph Chapman, was Homer’s brother.

Can you help me? How can I go back further than William Chapman b. 1799 and Hannah Fisher b. 1799 mentioned in this the referenced geneology?

Jon K Shidler

I have more than 250 papers that belonged to my great-great-grandfather, Daniel Shidler (1787–1864), who lived in Berlin Township, Holmes County, OH, from 1831 to1839. During the latter part of that period he exchanged wheat and other farm produce for merchandise and cash at Navarre, OH, which is in Stark County, and which had the advantage of being a port on the Ohio & Erie Canal. Attached are copies of five receipts (editor note: please contact Mr. Shidler for copies) from such transactions. I try to obtain as much information as possible about all the other people whose names appear on my ancestor’s documents in order to better understand the world in which he lived. I am publishing the results of these investigations as a series of articles in Mennonite Family History magazine.

Is any information available on the Chapman & Raffensperger business? On the web I found a Johannes Raffensperger (b 1782 York Co, PA; d 1848 Stark Co, OH) and his son Enos Raffensperger (b 1809 PA; d 1877 Stark Co, OH). Enos was married to Rosanna Chapman (1810–1893). From information I found on your website, I believe the partnership was Enos Raffensperger and a William Chapman.

I am interested in any information you can supply on the Chapman & Raffensperger business and people. Please advise me of any applicable fees. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide.

Page Chapman III

My name is Page Chapman III (male), and , after 77 years or so, I have decided to do some tracing of family history, and, in particular, where the name Page came from. I started out working through and after a few days discovered the Chapman Family website. I THINK I trace back to the Edward Chapman line, but there are a few blanks along the way.


My Chapman ancestor is James Chapman born 1810 in Georgia. Married Nancy Hoyle in Pike County Georgia in 1833. He died in Rusk County Texas 1897. He settled in Texas on a land grant of Henry Chapman who fought in the battle of San Jacinto. I do not know if Henry was a brother, uncle, or father. The survey in Texas was also part of a John Hallum survey. There is a reference to a John Hallum and Chapman in old 96th district in South Carolina in a land sale. I'm not sure if these are related or not. If you need anything else I will try to give you anything else I have. My user name on Ancestry is Ahearn5032

F. Pierce Pratt

I am not a Chapman descendant. However, my grandmother's sister, Grace Cleona Estridge, married Ira Martin Chapman s/o Augustus Archibald Chapman m. Docus Sowards and this seems to be a fairly well researched Chapman branch.

Way back, 1996, in one of your Chapman newsletters, Phillip Everett Chapman #122, was trying to pursue his grandfather, Ira Martin Chapman. I have lots of info about Ira's 1st? wife, Grace Cleona Estridge related family to share.


Does your association have contact information for Phillip Everett Chapman #122 or perhaps his sister Christine
Chapman Hill who also participated in your newsletters. It has been 20 years since they were mentioned in your Chapman association newsletter, but worth a try. Thanks, for maintaining a great Chapman website.


Melanie K. Chapman Lawson

I'm Melanie K. Chapman Lawson and my family came out of Georgia. My father was William Cornelius Chapman b. Oct 29, 1935 to William Charles Chapman in Crawford County. My dad died before he connected the family to the Bridlington Chapman's and John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed. Can you help?

Glenn Beck is using Johnny Appleseed as part of the new show history house. Did anyone copyright Johnny Appleseed or trademark the family name?

Allen Schmidt

My name is Allen Schmidt, and I am researching my mother's line. I am not sure to what extent you could help me, but a site dedicated to Chapman family research seems most promising. I was looking at your web site, the links, and family pedigrees currently maintained, and could not find a direct link anywhere to my family. Some people have it connecting to Robert Chapman of Saybrook, I cannot find that link with the current sources I am seeing. I was wondering what the best way was to figure out if I can enlist your help? join your organization? find resources your members have available that I could find helpful? I have hit the brick wall, thanks for you help in advance.
My connection to the Chapman line starts with
Laura Ann Chapman Birth 21 NOV 1850 • Hamlin, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Death 23 MAR 1934 • Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Laura married my Great Grandfather
Joseph Sylvester Edwards Birth 1848 • Madisonville, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA Death 21 MAY 1884 • Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA


Laura's parents were
Daniel Chapman Birth ABT. 1798 • Connecticut, USA Death ABT. APR 1864 • Salem, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
Hannah Carey Birth 1815 • Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA Death 25 JUN 1894 • Salem, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
This is the point things get a little less clear and the internet forks in various directions


I think Daniel's parents were Ebeneezer Chapman & Rhoda Hale. I have seen trees posted on the Web with Daniel's parents as Ebeneezer Chapman and Mary Chalkins that would connect up thru the Robert Chapman line, but this does not make sense to me for various reason (ie: No son Daniel is listed in that family)

I have seen sources recording Daniel from Glastenbury, Conn, which is where Ebeneezer and Rhoda Hale were married.

This sort of summarizes where my family connects into the Chapman line, and give a overview of my current situation. I am looking verify that family connections up thru Daniel's parents.

C. Connelly

I am related to Patience Chapman who married Henry William Weyman (Wayman, Wyman) They were married June 20, 1763, Mansfield, Burlington County, New Jersey. I have lots of information forward to present day but little previous to 1763. I was told Patience was a daughter to Edward Chapman and Bathsheba Heulings but no proof.
Would there be any one who would have information on this line?

McKay Coffey

My name is McKay Coffey. I am continuing the research of my mother, Debbie Coffey, who has an inquiry on your website. I would like to know who I might contact to collaborate on Chapman research being done in the Detroit, Michigan area in the early 1800s.

My 2nd and 3rd great-grandfathers were both named George W. Chapman and were both born in the Detroit Michigan area before the family moved to Washington around 1891. George W. Sr. was born in 1840 and was a mason or plasterer as recorded in the Detroit city directory in 1861 and 1871-1891 (not sure where he went from '61-'71). I've found the family in the 1870 census, but not the 1860. In 1850 I find a George W. Ch. *1840 in the home of Francis Furton (Not sure if this is him or not).

George W. Sr. married Mary "Sauteuse" (1844- ) in 1860. This fact comes from the marriage return of their eldest son, Charles (1864- ) in Washington state. The assumption here is that George W. Sr. married a woman of the Sauteuse Indian tribe!

These are the facts I have to work with along with some other later records in Washington. Please let me know who I might contact to get help in my research of these Chapman ancestors so I can link up with the bigger family tree!

Thanks so much!

Karen Chapman

I have been searching my Chapman roots for quite some time and have come across your website. While I can’t find any of my ancestors to match those you have on the site, I sincerely believe I have a place there. If I do, I will be happy to join your association. Below is a quick outline of my generations as far as I can go back using my sources and There are rumors from my grandmother that we are one of the “first families of Virginia” and we are descended from an “Ancient Planter”. The first family thing may have come from my grandmother’s side. She was a Wilson that goes way back in Virginia history and I am working on her, too. Would you be able to validate any
of my Chapman findings? I would appreciate any help that you are able to give me.

Thank you.

1. Karen Chapman Frederick Neely: b. 5/9/1945 (PA)

2. Horace Calvert Chapman: b. 8/28/1907 (PA) d. 6/15/1995 (PA) (father to Karen)

3. Bowyer Douglas Chapman: b. 11/1/1881 (VA) d. 9/1962 (PA) (father to Horace)

4. Buford Clay Chapman: b. 5/9/1848 (VA) d. 1/16/1926 (VA) (father to Bowyer)

5. Nathaniel O. Chapman Jr., “Nathan” b. 1805 (VA) d. 1880 (VA) (father to Buford)

6. Nathaniel Chapman: b. 5/3/1761 (VA) d. 2/29/1829 (VA) (father to Nathaniel “Nathan”)

7. John or Jonathan Chapman: b. 1730 (Eng) d. 1790 (VA) (father to Nathaniel)

8. Edward Chapman: b. 1681 (Eng) d. ? (father to John or Johathan)

Olivia M. Chapman

I recently came across some information through Ancestry DNA and was hoping that you could help me connect a few dots. My DNA match came across a direct descendent of Charles Chapman and Elizabeth DeWitt, and matched me as a 2nd cousin to that individual.

Unfortunately my connections through the Chapman side that I know have all passed and my knowledge only goes up to my grandfather Wallace J Chapman born in Chesterfield, SC in 1920 (my father's name is Wallace Edward Chapman and I know I am related to many of the Chapman's in Society Hill, SC).

On record, my great grandparents names are Dorrell Chapman and Alace (or Alice) McMillan (which is coincidentally the maiden name of the son of Charles Chapman's son, Calvin Edward Chapman's wife). I also researched slaves in the household and it seems that there was a census that showed Calvin's son (James A. Chapman), had five slaves in his household as well as his father Calvin, wife, and children.

I was wondering if you had come across any information on the slaves that James A. Chapman had acquired?


Jack Chapman

My Name is John Curren Chapman III (Jack) My Son is John Curren Chapman IV (Curren). My Father was John Curren Chapman Jr. (Buck) My Grandfather was John Curren Chapman Sr. (Curren). My paternal Grandmother was Nettie Ophelia Mann from the Isle of Mann. My Grandfather married a Mann ;-). So far My Son and I are the only John Curren Chapmans i can find on the planet. Plenty of Currans, only 2 Currens. My Grandfather Curren was From Elberton, Ga., born 1889 and died in 1967.

any connections?

Julia Frank Miller

I am rather new to genealogy and have found Hannah Chapman in my line, she was married to James Devin and is my third great grandmother. I found a book called the history of Gibson County Indiana that included her in a biographical sketch about her son in law and grandson, and in it is says - "Hannah, daughter of Robert Chapman who built the first brick building on the town square of Princeton. He went to Glasgow, Missouri where he died." but earlier in the book it says that "The next business house was constructed of brick on the corner north of the northeast corner of the square. It was built by George W. Chapman in 1815-16 and, with the exception of the first court
house, it was Princeton's first brick building. Chapman was a gun and silversmith. and followed his trade here about ten years. then removed to Missouri."

I fear that beyond that I hit a brick wall and it seems other, more experienced genealogist I've spoken to have encountered the same issue, but I thought perhaps someone in your organization might be able to shed some insight on her and her parents?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer!

Cris Toenjes

Happy to be a part of this FB group. I have Chapman's on both sides of my family and both are brick walls.


Mother's side: Thomas Chapman b. 1812 in New York, d. 1875 Dunlap, Iowa, a Civil War Veteran, was my 3rd Great grandfather. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Rogers (another brickwall). They spent most of their married
life in Bloomingdale, Illinois. 
His daughter Martha Elizabeth Chapman married Joseph Decker Nelson.


Father's side: Mary E. Chapman b. 1819 in Ohio, d. 1880 in Highland, Kansas was my 3rd great grandmother. She married Francis King in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, before they moved onto Adams County, Illinois and then Doniphan County, Kansas.

Jon v. Briesen

I am a 4th grt-grdson of Mary Chapman (m. Nehemiah Fargo). Mary is the daughter of Alpheus Chapman and Martha ? (thought to be Holmes) of Montville / New London / Conn.

Baker's history of Montville seems afraid to commit to the assertion that Alpheus was a son of a Joseph Chapman and Mary Perkins, proceeds as if that is the case. So, I will consider this as unproven. The other children of this couple appear to have been born in the 1760s, well after any of the dates put forward for the birth of Alpheus. I will, thus, remain suspicious.

He does include a note about Alpheus Chapman, Sergeant, out on the Lexington alarm, 8 days, in April, 1775. This intrigued me; and, I poked about, a little, on (at my public library, which kindly subscribes to most of ancestry, sparing me all those fees). Here is what I find / conclude:

1. This Alpheus is the one who served as Ensign and First Lt., in the company of Capt. Nathan Hale, XIX Regt. of Foot, under a Col. Chas. Webb. He served as head of the company upon the death of Nathan Hale.

2. It is quite clear that he was arrested and court martialed, in June of 1776 (see the General Orders for 14 and 16 June 1776, of Genl. Geo. Washington). He was convicted, and dismissed from the service, and from the encampment, for failure to obey some command. Of course, I would dearly love to know Alpheus' side of the story. He must have been a decent soldier to get a commission and a further promotion in just the first half of 1776. Such records as holds on Rev War courts martial give no information in addition to his conviction/dismissal. I am wondering whether there might be regimental records in Hartford that could shed some light on the affair --- orderly book, or some such.

3. He had a son Alpheus, Jr., whose life is bit more elusive; and, I think he is not the subject of any of the miltary recds. concerning an Alpheus Chapman, in the Rev. War.

4. There is another Alpheus Chapman, in svce., in Bradley's Regt.; but, he is shown as deceased, in a pay/muster roll of either 1777 or 1778, I think.

5. There is an Alpheus Chapman on the rolls of Co. 4, IVth Regt of Connecticut Troops, in a return from 1756 (Fr. & Indian War). Only a few of the names have an indicated origin. There was an officer from New London, and a pvt. from Norwich. Montville, until 1786 was the North Parish of New London. So, if companies were geographically based, it is more likely that "my" Alpheus is the subject of the F&I War records.

6. Information on his headstone, at Raymond, part of Montville, implies a birth around 1737/8. In this case, Alpheus would have been eligible for soldiering in the F&I War.

7. I now see, at Google Books, in the Records of Connecticut, resolutions of the govt., meeting at Lebanon, Conn., establishing the structure of a regiment, under command of a Col. McLellan. These records are dated September of 1777. An Alpheus Chapman is the choice for 1st Lt., of one of the companies.


This raises more questions. Was there yet another Alpheus Chapman, likely candidate for a commission? Would my cashiered ancestor be allowed back in the service?

So far, I have seen nothing else about this new regiment. Perhaps it was never actually raised. I'll keep looking.

Best wishes,

Cassie  ~  November 19, 2014

I am a descendant of Elam Sharp Chapman married to May 1855 in Pickens, SC and was married to Martha Aiken. I have his father as Jackson Chapman born about 1815 in Pickens, SC and his mother as Artimissia Reid Chapman, I am unsure who Jackson is a descendant of. led me John Martin Chapman and Christiana Diana Tucker/ Hubbard. I see them listed on your website but no Jackson. Do you know if he is their son?

Jim Dobbins  ~  November 18, 2014

I am asking about a Joe Chapman who must have been stationed somewhere around the Swindon, England area during 1942-43-44.
He married a local woman who brought her up, his name is on her birth certificate. There was no speaking of Joe again except to tell her he was American and served in the war. Times have changed now but a woman getting involved with a GI was not looked at very well at that time and having a baby with a GI didn’t make it easy for her. The daughters name is Particia Beryl Newman born Jan 15, 1944. Her mother’s name was Doris Lillian (who is the woman who married Joe).

Brian Bates  ~ October 21, 2014

My mother's name is Chapman and I have some of the family tree that was passed down to me by my grandparents. In the papers that was given to me it was mentioned that we are related to John Chapman (that he is a cousin). However, I have found some minor inaccuracies elsewhere unrelated to john chapman in the document. Combine that with the fact that claiming relation to one of the most famous men in our history would be common. I would like to find more evidence to confirm the claims made by my ancestors before I pass this down to my children.


I have the names of three of my grandfathers. I need more generations to link one of my grandfathers to one of John's uncles to confirm that he is a cousin.

oldest generation that I have to the youngest.

My great great grandfather james a chapman b. 1840 d. 1932 married emily curtis (it is claimed that he is the 1st cousin 1 time removed to Johnny Appleseed)

His children = john, mandy, cora, adda, george,

My great grandfather and james's son is George Elsworth Chapman b. 1863 d.1936

George's children = Melvin Dale, Wayne, Lawerance (plus several children from previous marriage)

My grandfather Melvin Dale Chapman b. 1924 d. 2005

I'm quite the novice at geneology but if in fact he is a cousin of mine, Johnny's father (nathaniel) would have to be the great unlce of above mentioned James A. Chapman. Or I'd have to link james' father as a first cousin of Johnny appleseed. Does that sound right?

Eloise Murphree  ~ August 6, 2014

A few years I did a genealogy book on the Descendants of Benjamin Chapman. He was born 10/6/1796 in Georgia and died 4/10/1855 in Drew County, Arkansas. I was not able to go back any further than Benjamin.

I saw something on the internet today that listed some information about my Benjamin and had your name as the contact person. I do not know how much information you have on Benjamin, but I am pretty sure he died in Drew County, Arkansas even though there is not a marked grave for him in the Chapman Cemetery there, and none of the Chapmans there knew where he was buried. I am pretty sure that Benjamin's wife was Sara Barksdale and they were married in Monroe County, Georgia on 4/3/1827

Benjamin and Sarah's children were John Daniel, Abner, William C., Martha Ann, Sarah E., Seborn H., Caroline Frances, and Solomon Dudley Chapman.

I am a descendant of John Daniel, who married Mary Anderson.

June Plummer  ~ August 5, 2014

I spoke with you last week about the possibility of moving the graves of several of the Chapman family who are buried in a small grave site in
Flemingsburg, Kentucky. These graves are in the front yard of a home owner there. The stones were upright a few years ago but now they are all laid flat and grass is growing over them. The names are William Chapman 1742 - 1807, his wife Eleanor Knox, their son William Chapman Jr. and his wife Naomi, Naomi's father Basil Browning and one or two other graves.

I have been in contact with a cousin, Elaine Logan who lives near by who is willing to see to the moving of the graves and said her husband would do the digging. The cemetery they would be moved to is near by. William Chapman owned the property where these graves are located. I have spoken with the woman was the owner in 1997 and she was not willing to have an iron fence put around the graves at that time. The entire cost would be about 1700 dollars which is amazing considering the number of graves which would have to be moved. I feel that if descendant's were notified of this problem they would be willing to donate to this project, and we were wondering if the Chapman Family Association could be advised of this situation in the next Chapman newsletter.

As you know William Chapman served in the Revolutionary War and is entitled to honors to be placed on his head stone. The sons of the American Revolution would take care of that part. My husband Nathan Plummer saw that this was done for another ancestor of ours by the name of George Plummer who is buried in Plummer's Landing, Fleming County, Kentucky. It was a special day and over a hundred people attended. Elaine Logan helped with this also. Elaine Logan has already contacted the Mortuary and the Coroner for their approval as this is necessary before it is done.

As you can tell my family and I feel strongly that this man should be honored by taking care of his burial site. If we don't do it those coming after us will never know where he is buried. I'll be interested to know your feeling about this.

Ray  ~ August 6, 2014

Ray Chapman responded to June Plummer:

My name is Ray Chapman and I am the CFA branch manager for Thomas Chapman of Fredrick County, Virginia (? – 1812). I am responding to your note because I believe your Chapman line and mine lead to the same common Chapman ancestor. The reason I say this is because I, and several others of the Thomas line, have had our YDNA tested as did Myrl Chapman, a brother to Jackie Konecny who was a very active member of the CFA. Jackie had given me a fairly extensive writeup on the William Chapman family some years ago showing Myrl’s line back to William. I knew that the Plummer surname was very prevalent in the William Chapman writeup. Unfortunately, I have lost contact with Jackie several years ago and I was hoping to reestablish some contacts within the William Chapman line. I cannot tell you how your William and my Thomas were related, but brothers is the closest possible opportunity. It is certain, however, that the William line and the Thomas line are fairly closely related. I have been hoping that the William connection would help identify the next earlier generation of Thomas, but no luck to date. Relative to the grave markers, I ask a headstone company to secure a headstone to the base for one of my ancestors and the result was quite satisfactory. A second thought is to possibly contact the historical society of the county and possibly the Sons of The American Revolution to see if there is any specific protocol for saturations like the one you describe. 

Finally, I would be most interested in knowing contact information for any of the William line who is actively pursuing the genealogy of William.

Kathy Meneghin  ~ June 1, 2014

I found the Chapman family website and was wondering if I could query if anyone would have any information on Chapman's in New York State.

Andrew Austin or Austin Andrew Chapman who died in Livingston County New York in 1845. His brother was Silas F. Chapman and Silas' wife was Lucia Ross. Andrew's wife was Susan Joslin Chapman b. 1814. She removed to Michigan with the oldest daughter Celia and remarried Russell Lewis. Two children remained in New York with their Uncle Silas, Harriet and Andrew, I have found them on the census records in his household in both 1850 and 1860. Harriet Chapman later married Charles Dyer Geer and they lived in Michigan. Andrew lived in Wyoming county New York, he never moved from the state.

If anyone has any information that could help me narrow down a search for parents of both Austin Chapman and Susan Joslin, I would appreciate it.

Darla McNeal Llamas  ~ March 30, 2014

James Ira Chapman (Chatman) D.O.B. August 30, 1900 DIED: October 24, 1953 (Caucasian/ Irish / Native American).

(Son of Mary Elizabeth Potts D.O.B. December 28, 1877 Grayson County KY and died September 07, 1947 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Mary Elizabeth later married Jemermiah Elmer McGrew and had more children.)

Married: Violet Ella Tate D.O.B: August 17, 1904 Died: February 05, 1981

(Daughter of A.P. (Pasley) Tate and Emma SWavahhah Gann D.O.B. January 22, 1886 Died: March 27, 1971

James IRA Chapman (Chatman) And Violet Ella Tate produced 6 children:
James Wendell Chatman 9/12 /28 (died 01/07/1992)
Edward “Bud” Earl Chatman 7/19/1930 (died 01/07/1996)
Mary Lou Chatman Breeden Earnhart 12/13/1933
Clyman Ray Chatman 09/10/1936 (deceased in early childhood of “Entro Colitis” 08/04/1937)
Emma Ruth Chatman Kelton Daugherty 7/20/1938 (deceased 10212013) (My mother)
Kenneth Cyrel Chatman 03/24/1941

My name is Darla Theresa (Kelton) McNeal, and I am trying to find some genealogy information on my maternal grandfather, James Ira Chapman. He died when my mother was young and her recollection of genealogic information was not of much significance to her at that time. Primarily, she recalls that her father's father was supposed to have been a "traveling musician" who was performing and visiting the area that my greatgrandmother, Mary Elizabeth Potts, was living. She became pregnant. We also know that she was of American Indian decent. We do not know anything of the relationship other than she bore a son and named him "James Ira Chapman". She later on married a "Jeremiah Elmer McGrew" and had more children.

A lot of the Tate / Gann / Potts family members were born in Alabama and migrated to the Holland, Searcy and the Little Rock, Arkansas areas. This is why I feel that my maternal grandfather may be a member of your lineage. However, on a death certificate for son "Clyman Ray Chatman", it is noted that the father's place of birth was "KY" Kentucky.

I lived in the Van Buren / Fort Smith areas of Arkansas up until 2005. I now live in the Seattle, Washington area.

*****NOTE***** The "Chapman" last name spelling was changed by one of my maternal uncles, (James Ira's eldest son, Wendel), to "Chatman". This is the spelling that is noted on "James Ira's" headstone located in the Gil Cemetery, Kibler, Arkansas. (Outside of Van Buren, Arkansas).

Mark  ~ February 5, 2014

I found your website when looking for information on a relative who may have moved to the US and passed away there.

I’m trying to find out any information about the following family member:
Alfred J Chapman
B:abt 1848 in Holt, Wiltshire, England
D:27 Feb 1931 in Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

I do know that a lot of my relatives were employed in the weaving trade and that Lovell was also know for this trade. I can add that we believe Alfred’s parents were, John Chapman and Mary Horler

Candyce  ~ February 2, 2014

My name is Candyce Chapman and I am from Fremont, Ohio and born in 1952. My 3rd great grandfather's name was Jeremiah S. Chapman
who is buried at Wales Corner in York Twp. Sandusky County, Ohio. During my research I found Michael (father), Nathaniel (son), Frederick (son), Levi (son) who lived in Huron County during the 1800's. I am trying to find out if there is any connection between the Chapman’s in Bellevue and the ones that lived in York Twp. Sandusky County. Any help would sincerely be appreciated.

Tim  ~ January 29, 2014

My name is Tim Martin. I am trying to verify the spouse of one of my ancestors.

My ancestry In America started with George Adam Martin born in Germany 1712 and his wife was Mary Knepper also born Germany now residing in Pennsylvania.

1. George Adam Martin m Mary Knepper
    A) Elijah Martin abt 1751 m Mary Von Denburg
        1) Elijah Martin jr abt 1770 m Mary Sarah Chapman?
        2) Mary Elizabeth Martin m William Chapman* abt 1766

* William Chapman is the eldest son of Joseph Chapman whose parents were Giles Chapman and Sarah Jackson.

The Martin Family documentation for birth, marriage and death yrs not accurate.

Brent  ~ December 9, 2013

Does the Chapman Family Association have any historical documentation that differentiates Uriah Chapman of PA (17331816)
from his son Uriah, using the suffixes "Sr" and "Jr"? I noticed the transcription of his will on your website, but those terms do not appear. If you do not have access to the documentation, maybe you can refer me to some sources. It is highly possible that both Uriah’s did not refer to themselves as "Sr" and "Jr."

Rick  ~ December 8, 2013

I have been working on my family history and have an Elizabeth Chapman (B: 31 July 1813) Smith, Tennessee who married a James Cheek (B: 22 October 1814) both are buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Dallas County Missouri.

I have been trying to puzzle out who her parents were and where that leads me – initial research had me going all the way back to the settlements of Jamestown but I do not know if that is correct or not and am hoping perhaps you could shed some light on the issue or put me in contact with someone who may be able to.

I believe from research that Elizabeth Chapman’s father was a William Chapman (B: 1790 Tennessee) – research indicates Elizabeth and James were married Tennessee in 1832 and migrated to Dallas County Missouri area in 1836.

When I dig around her father’s marriages and family it gets rather murky but information from other researchers on eventually tie her father into the linage going back to the Jamestown Virginia Chapman’s – but I am not finding a clear tie in and would like some help if possible to determine if this is in fact true or another group of Chapman’s all together.

I believe some of the Chapman relatives were / are still living in the Buffalo Missouri area as I recall grandma Childress referencing them but not sure.

James Cheek – Elizabeth Chapman
James J Cheek B: 4 April 1846 – Mary Higginbotham B: 6 Mar 1848
Mary Belle Cheek B: 1872 – Lorena S Childress B: 12 Oct 1869
Roy W Childress B: 21 Apr 1898 Katha
Lewey B: 23 Jun 1897
Nellie D Childress B: 29 Oct 1921 – Elmer C Geittmann B: 6 May 1924

Roberta  ~ October 11, 2013

I am Roberta (Bertie) Cremeans Casey. I am in the Ben Wallace Family. Benjamin and Lettie are my 3rd Great Grandparents through their son Edmond Taylor Wallace. I was researching for information on my 4th great grandfather John L. Chapman and his wife Elizabeth Molly Menefee. Their daughter Mary Polly Chapman was my 3rd great grandmother and I want to correct her information if I may. Mary Polly never married Pleasant Chafin. She had children and never married their father, so they went by Chapman. Family in our area say she had Cassie Ann by a boy by the name of Yates. There are no true documentations on this. Mary Polly married Alexander Persinger Jan. 30, 1860 in Mason Co., VA/WV., this was the only marriage she had.

Lorraine  ~ October 10, 2013

My Great grandfather was Joshua Chapman b. 1844 in Pickens county SC. He was a Civil war confederate soldier who lost his arm in at the battle of the crater. His parents were Joel and Margaret Chapman b. about 1820 and 1821 in Pickens district. SC Census records show that they were born in Picken SC. They all moved to Cobb county GA and Powder Springs and I can find them in the census. I am trying to find out who the parent of Joel Chapman are. Are they descended from Joseph?

Janie  ~ September 19, 2013

I ran across your site today and I have been researching James McCauley and Catherine Chapman McCauley family. I have been trying for
several years to find a complete list of their children. I have seen a portion of James McCauley’s will from Maury Co., Tenn. where it lists several of the children. I am trying to make a connection for Henry McCauley born March 30, 1815 somewhere in Tennessee. I know that Henry was in Tallahatchie Co., Miss. because he got married there around 1839 to a Clarissa Voss and had several children while in Tallahatchie Co. He sold land there around 1845 or 1846 to a Mary Ann (McCauley) Henderson married to William Henderson before he left Tallahatchie to move to the east Texas area. Henry and Clarissa came to Dike, Hopkins Co., Texas with Clarissa’s family and settled this area of Texas and remained there, the rest of their lives. I have contacted Tallahatchie Co., Miss. and tried to get information that might possibly
make that connection that Henry sold land to his older sister Mary Ann and her husband William Henderson before leaving for Texas but I had no help from the Tallahatchie area making that connection. I believe that Mary Ann McCauley Henderson left or divorced William Henderson and may have in fact come to the Hopkins Co., Texas area at some point with some of her children, perhaps because her little brother lived her. I have been searching for more than 10 years to make some type of connection with who Henry McCauley’s parents and siblings actually were. Any information that you can give to me on this family would be greatly appreciated. I am just grasping at straws at this point to find out who was Henry’s family.

Doug  ~ August 8, 2013

My mother is Nancy Lee Chapman b 1931. I am searching for information on her grandparents and earlier. All I know right now is Thomas
Chapman B 1875 D 1952, Troy, Madison County, IL and Nancy (Scott) Chapman B1881- D1916 are the grandparents. I believe Thomas emigrated from England. Chapman is such a common name and I have been having difficulty so I was wondering if this fits any of your documented branches?

Romi  ~ July 8, 2013

I am looking for any information on an Ivan Chapman who was a beau of my great aunt, Helen Osborne of Warrensburg, NY. My great aunt was born in the later 1800's and died in the 1980s. She never married, and I was told that Ivan Chapman had died (I Believe before I was born in the early 1960s). I would like to know what his profession was, where he lived, and the circumstances of his death, if possible.

Justin  ~ July 8, 2013

I discovered your Chapman Family Association website and am very intrigued. I descend from a Chapman whom I don't think you have yet listed on your site. He is also one of my brick walls. I'm hoping that by our communications, perhaps I can share some data with your
association and also, perhaps, one of your members might have done research on a Chapman family which might line up with me, helping me to break down my brick wall.

Here is what I know about my Chapman progenitor, George Chapman:
George Chapman was born December 25, 1755, according to the age he gave when he applied for a pension late in life. I don't know where he was born. It could have been some place in Pennsylvania. Some people have supposed Scotland but I have seen nothing that would indicate such was the case. The first trace I have of my George is on March 26, 1776, when he enlisted in Captain Peter Grubb's Company of Colonel Samuel Miles' Regiment in the Pennsylvania Line during the American Revolution. This company was raised among the people of Lancaster County, including what is now Dauphin and Lebanon, and I suspect he was living there at the time of his enlistment. I have not found any Chapman’s listed among the records there who could have been his father but, admittedly, I have not done a thorough search. I
note that, according to the published Pennsylvania Archives, a James Chapman enlisted in the same Company on April 30, 1776. After the Battle of Long Island, George was transferred to Carnhart's Company of Colonel Walter Stewart's Regiment. In addition to the Battle of Long Island, he fought at White Plains and the taking of the Hessians at Trenton, as well as the Battle of Brandywine, where he was wounded through both thighs and taken prisoner, afterwards exchanged. He was discharged at Valley Forge at the end of 1777.

I next find him on the 1779 tax assessment list of Derry Township, Lancaster [now Dauphin] County, Pennsylvania. In 1785, Dauphin County was formed from Lancaster, and I find him taxed 1785-1789 in West Hanover Township, Dauphin County. He is no longer taxed there after 1789, and in the 1790 census I find him enumerated in Northumberland County, that part which probably afterwards, in 1795, became Lycoming County. George Chapman has 1 male 16 years and upwards (himself), 2 males under 16 (a son, George Jr., and probably another young son), and 4 females (probably his wife, Mary, and 3 daughters). George applied for a warrant for 400 acres in Northumberland County on February 25, 1794, adjoining land granted to Jane Hood. In an interesting land grab, his wife Mary applied for 400 acres
adjoining his on the same day, and a warrant for 400 acres for his ten-year-old son George Jr. was also taken out the same day! He appears on the direct tax of 1798 in Washington Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, with fifty acres and one house.


On the 1800 septennial census of Lycoming County, George is listed in Washington Township, as is his wife, Mary Chapman. (Women's names were given in this record.)

In 1810, he is listed on the census in Washington Township, with 1 male over 45 (himself), 1 female over 45 (presumably his wife Mary) and 1 female aged 16-26 (probably one of his daughters). On the same page are the households of his son George Jr., aged 16-26
[he was 25] and Michael Chapman, also 16-26 [probably his other son as indicated by the 1790 census].

In 1820, George is still listed on the census in Washington Township. Now he has 1 male over 45 (himself) and 1 female over 45 (his wife Mary). George Jr. and his family are listed nearby.

On February 1, 1825, George applied for a pension under the Act of 1818 based upon his Revolutionary War service. He gave his age, service history, and stated that he was a weaver by occupation, but not able to follow it constant by infirmity of body. His family included his wife, who is now very infirm, himself, and a hired female whom he is obliged to keep to take care of his wife & perform the necessary duties of the house. He states that [h]e had purchased 27 acres of low rate land some time since & had erected a small house and barn but between 13 and fourteen acres of the same of the best part with the improvement has since been lost at law by a claim unknown, at the time he purchased & the remaining part is now involved at law. His son, George Jr., also gave a deposition concerning his father's service and affairs, and stated that he, George Jr., was in the fortieth year of his age. He also submitted testimony from a neighbor, Thomas Smiley, who knew him about the close of the Revolutionary War and stated what he knew concerning his service. He also submitted testimony from Michael Wheelan of White Deer, Union County, who had served with him in Capt. Grubb's Company. George Chapman Sr.'s pension was granted March 17, 1826, and made retroactive to December 13, 1825.

From an old (brief) newspaper death notice, I know that George died June 17, 1833, at his home in Clinton Township, Lycoming County. (Clinton Township was formed in 1825 from part of Washington Township.) His estate was settled the following year but gives little information.

The children of George and Mary Chapman, as far as I know them, are as follows:
1. George Chapman, Jr., born ca. 1785, died ca. 1851/52. He married Margaret Eli zabeth Shuler (17871855), a neighbor in Washington Twp., and moved to Centre County toward the close of his life, where his children settled. He is my ancestor.
2. Michael Chapman?, born ca. 1784-90, probably the son who is named in the 1790 and 1800 censuses and lived next to George Sr. in 1810.
3. Daughter born between 1784 and 1790.
4. Daughter born between 1784 and 1790.
5. Elizabeth, born 1795, died Nov. 28, 1850, in Clinton Township, married Henry Billman (1792-1872). I have a lot on their descendants. Maybe more.

Now, I want to bring up a couple of other points: A lot of people have George Chapman's wife Mary as Mariah Ann Hall, and some have her as the daughter of Richard Hall and Sarah Burroughs. The first record I have of this is the DAR application of Mrs. Helen Billman Wolfe, who also had George (incorrectly) as a Sergeant. Now, I don't think this is right. Richard and Sarah Burroughs Hall lived in Lycoming County, and I think George met and married his wife ca. 1784 while still in what is today Dauphin County. Also, the Hall genealogy shows a Maria Hall who married a George Chaplin and they lived in New York State, and were a generation younger than my George and Mary. I think someone saw the Lycoming County connection and confused George Chaplin with my George Chapman.


Also, there is a Richard Chapman in this area who lived in Dunnstable Township, Lycoming (now Clinton) County, at one point, and who later moved on to the Sinnemahoning area of Cameron County. I thought he might be George's son but he just doesn't seem to fit in this family at all. He is a mystery to me as well.

I hope that you might be of some help in figuring out who my George belongs to, or offering me some suggestions on where to look next. Perhaps his father was named George or Michael (based on the names of his sons) or perhaps the James mentioned in the Revolutionary War records could be a brother. I found an early George Chapman who died in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1757, and left a son George, but I researched this family and found that George moved to Virginia, so I ruled him out.

Elaine  ~ July 5, 2013

Submitted an – at DNA (for me) and have had no matches from any Chapman’s. I have no proven male Chapman relative to have an YDNA done. Would love to find one.

There are no known living Chapman descendants of this line, except my own children. (I am an only child, my father (also an only child is deceased), his father Walter (died at 36-sick most of his short life) was an only child, his grandfather Jasper Newton Chapman (died at 25) was the only male for his mother, Margaret Cox and Father William Rodman Chapman’s 4 children. The same William Rodman Chapman had many males in the family of 11 children from his first wife Fanny McHenry. I have attached the two Family Group Sheets from the two marriages of William Rodman Chapman. I have had DNA matches to the Cox family. Looking for living descendants.

John Chapman b 1791 md Elizabeth Betsy Rodman b 1790’s on 8 July 1813 in Shelby Co, Kentucky. They had 12 children. I have attached a PDF file of John & Betsy Rodman Chapman Family Group Sheet. I am looking for living descendants of any of their children. Have had matches to the Rodman family.

Have determined that John’s father was Amos Chapman b abt 1745 in PA and served in the Revolutionary War from Cumberland County, PA (Have his Pension records). John had 5 sisters but no brothers. Amos’s father was John who moved from Cumberland Pa with his son Amos about 1800 and died between 1816 and 1820 in Shelby, KY. His father was probably the William Chapman who signed papers in Cumberland Co, Pa in 1752 shortly after Cumberland County was formed. I have some documentation for Amos and his father John.

Only a guess for oldest William Chapman. I am trying to prove or disprove that this William Chapman came from the Bucks County PA family (you have several as members) and at some time may have left the Quaker faith and moved to Cumberland Co. PA. – This is only supposition no proof at all and I am open to anything available.

I assume that most people have not gone as far back as Amos and do not know about him. We are more likely to find individuals connected to the Siblings or Children of William Rodman Chapman. So I would like to start there to find related individuals.

(Please contact Elaine for copies of the attachments)

Denise  ~ July 6, 2013

Dennis Chapman responded to Elaine Chapman Booth:


I am Dennis Chapman Branch Manager of the John Chapman 1626 Family from Bucks Co. I live in Boone Co. Kentucky and have been looking at Chapman's from Boone, Gallatin, Grant, Owen and Shelby Counties as like you I think there may be a connection to the Bucks Co. Family. My line goes through Henry Chapman who came from Washington Co. PA ( Pittsburgh area) who was the son of Thomas who was the son of Abraham one of the two twins born to John and Jane Sadler Chapman in 1685 in Bucks Co. I had hoped to have had more data from Gill Alford when I took this position, but have worked from the old Chapman Chatter's and old references. Unfortunately there are breaks in the generations that make connecting difficult at best. To further complicate your search there are several Amos Chapman's in this line with at least one of them going to Canada after the Revolutionary War having served in a British Military Unit. Since I can't use a data base, I hope to be able to construct one from Gill's material. I think there is a connection through Abraham's son John (who may have been John Amos Chapman) which several of the Northern Kentucky Chapman's connect with. My Henry Chapman (son of Thomas brother of John) settled in Southwest Ohio with several of his brothers about the same time the other Chapman's were coming into Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana. There are many undocumented connections here all leading back to Bucks Co (In my opinion). These areas are all in the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area and very close to one another. I do not know if these folks were aware of the others, but my guess is that they were. DNA is going to be the best connector, but we have a lot to learn. Ernie Chapman has an ancestor in the area, but we do not match (but close). One ironic point is that both Ernie and I have a distance of two match on a 25 Y test with an Ira Thomas Chapman. I think Ira also has a Bucks Co. connection, but we don't have documentation. I will be glad to work with you and try to help in any way possible, as I have a pretty good grasp on Gill's older data and related families. As far as DNA testing, there might be a match if you do the Family Tree DNA family Finder test, as they look for strands from both sides. You need to add as many surnames as possible to get a possible match. The 67 Y is still the best but you do need the Chapman male to do it.


Charlie Chapman is looking for possible relatives of Abel Chapman who was in Newton County, MS in the mid1800's. He is researching family history and some relatives might have been on Abel's plantation.


Augustus Chapman Allen (1806-1864) was the founder of Houston, the son of Roland and Sarah (Chapman) Allen, was born at
Canaseraga, New York, July 4, 1806. Does anybody know anything about her?


I was very excited to see a reference to Betsey/Elizabeth Campbell in the Chapman tree. I have hit a brick wall trying to find out about this person and I am hoping someone may be able to help me with her parentage and her siblings.


I am hoping you might have information on this person: Timothy Chapman b. abt 1770 Virginia d. Ohio bet 1850-1860 m. Mary?? b 1773 Virginia Son David. Thanks for anything you can tell me.

Pat Reid nee Taylor

My family descends from Chapman’s as follows:
John Chapman married Agnes Millar in West Lothian, Scotland
Son Andrew Chapman maried Christina MAthieson, Leith, Scotland
Son William Millar Chapman married Margaret Shearer, Leith, Scotland
Son Andrew Chapman married Agnes Dutton, Leith, Scotland
Daughter Helen Aitchison Chapman married John Taylor, Rosewell, Midlothian
Son William Millar Taylor married Jane Carrick Penman, Poltonhall, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian
John was a mariner in Bo'ness, West Lothian, Andrew was a baker in Leith, William was also a baker and confectioner in Leith, Andrew was a Copper in Leith, Helen was a housemaid in Leith and housekeeper in Rosewell, William was a coalminer, lorry driver.

Look forward to hearing from you if you can connect any of Chapman's to yours.


My grandfather (Ken Chapman) is currently dying of cancer and I thought I'd throw a Hail Mary and ask the association to help me find out who his great great grandfather was. The farthest we can go back is to Ken's great grandfather Madison Chapman (spelling varies)

In 1860 Madison first appears in federal records with the following household in the 1860 Jackson Co. MO census.
Madison Chapman 44
Sally Chapman 30
Henry Chapman 10
Anna Chapman 8
Nancy J Chapman 4
Cread Chapman 2
Thomas Chapman 2/12

In 1870 he was in the same county and his household looked like this:
M Chapman 55
Sarah Chapman 40
George H Chapman 21
Anna Chapman 17
Nancy Chapman 15
Cread Chapman 12
Thomas Chapman 10
Marrison Chapman 7
Jesse Chapman 5
Susan Chapman 4
Dora B Chapman 1

His family in 1880 was as follows:
Maddison Chapman 66
Sarah Chapman 40
Thomas Chapman 21
Maddison Chapman 17
Jesse Chapman 15
Susan A. Chapman 13
Dora Chapman 11
Myra Chapman 8

In that Census he was personally described as:
Birth Year: abt 1814
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1880: Blue Springs, Jackson, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Sarah Chapman
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia

This is consistent with all the other census he shows up in (all in Jackson County) and the 1900 census has little to add, Madison (called Madi in 1900) now lives alone with his wife Sarah and daughter Elmyra. It does mention Madison got married in 1854.

We also know: That Madison's son's name was Creed not Cread, that Madison likely had a brother named Creed who served in the seminole wars and died in 1854 in Jackson Co. MO, that Madison's wife Sarah Noland (spelling varies) was first married to Robert Cathey, that Madison likely had a wife before Sarah, that was haven't found any record of Madison serving in the military, and that Madison was a farmer at some point.

We have stories to of course but we'd like to know if our Madison sounds like the son of someone in the pedigree of a Chapman association member.

Oh and here's his grave site (do note the birth year is wrong):

Marvin Leonard

I am a descendant of the Chapman Family, my mother was a Chapman. I have traced my family back to my GreatGranddfather
William Hamilton Chapman but he appears to have come from out of the blue. Please see attached Genealogy report. Could you shed any light on this leg of the Chapman Family or steer me in a direction that might help.

(Please contact Marvin for copies of the attachments)

Moos Raaijmakers

I'm Moos Raaijmakers a WO1 in the Dutch army engineer corps. As a hobby I create and maintain memorials on One of them is the memorial for pfc Willard E Chapman 35625721. I manage 22 of the 25 memorials for the driver and passengers of the Duke Amphibian truck that went down on Lake Garda Italy on April 30th 1945. For this memorial I'm trying to locate pictures of the soldiers to place them there. So the question is, do you have a photograph of Willard Chapman and if so may I placed it on his memorial.

Stephanie Chapman Callahan

I currently reside in Southern Maryland very close to Chapman's Landing (if you are familiar with the area). My family line comes from Stephen Chapman (b. 1801) and Cassandra Garrison Swan. I have heard that possibly that Stephen Chapman's father may have been a Benjamin Chapman married to Nancy Chapman who according to the 1787 Census resided in Augusta Co, VA. Here is where my trouble begins. I cannot find real documentation that Benjamin Chapman is the father of what would be my great great great grandfather Stephen Chapman. There is also a possibility that Stephen Chapman was also married to a Mary Smart Cavitt and the speculation is that they are the parents of Stephen Chapman. If you or anyone within the organization are at all familiar with this time frame and these individuals and would be willing to provide me with information, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you could point me in the right direction. Some other information I have is that Stephen was born in TN, and moved to MO and then to IL.

Victoria Loos

I am the great great great great great granddaughter of Elizabeth (Chapman) and Orin Burlingame. We are trying to put together as family history and have reached a dead end. We found their names and wedding date on your website. We are hoping that you can help us out if Elizabeth is part of your family history. We have no records of what her parents’ names were or the names of Orin's parents. Please let us know if you can or cannot help us. .

Barb Matson

Thomas Chapman b. c. 1691 (actually biological son of Major General John Hammond) and children b. in Baltimore, MD. He m. 1st Mary Unknown, 2nd Anna Sheppard nee Smith, 3rd Hannah Gibbs nee Large.
Mary Chapman b. 1732 (parents: Thomas and Mary Chapman)
Cornelius Chapman b. 1734 (parents: Thomas and Ann S. Chapman)
Elizabeth Chapman and twin Thomas Chapman b. 1739 (parents: Thomas and Ann S. Chapman)
Margaret Chapman (parents: Thomas and Ann S. Chapman)
Nicholas Chapman (parents: Thomas and Ann S. Chapman) b . 1745 Baltimore, MD d. 1821 Westmoreland Co. PA. Nicholas m. 1st Rachel Wallace, sister of Richard Wallace and 2nd Jenet McCartney d/o Joseph McCartney. Children of Nicholas and Jenet McCartney Chapman listed below all born in Westmoreland Co. PA:
  *Thomas Chapman (1796 1865)
      m. 1st Jane Matthews, 2nd Catherine Rodgers
    Sarah Chapman (1797 1850) unmarried
  *Joseph Chapman (1799 1861)
      m. Eliza Pollock
   John Chapman (1802 1840) m. Unknown, children = Jane (1830 1834), William (1831 1834), girl (c. 1829), girl (c. 1832), son (c. 1833)

                                                                                        girl (c. 1839). All b. in Westmoreland Co. PA
   William Chapman (1803) m. Eliza/Elizabeth Sutton
   Nicholas Chapman, Jr. (1805 1866) m. Mary Leibenguth/Livengood
  *Rachel Chapman (1806 1856) m. William Kennedy/Canaday
   Isaac Chapman (1808) may have died young
  *Samuel Chapman (1813 1854) m. Cornelia Isabella Dick(s)...

Shana Raine

My grandfather is Alfred Joseph (or Joseph Alfred) Chapman (1926-2008) whose father was Henry Graff Chapman (1884-1937) who descended from (I believe) David Albert Chapman (1841-1908). David Albert Chapman was married to Delia Della Dickenson (Dickinson).
I have very little information, except a photograph of Delia. I am stuck on David Albert Chapman's parents. I believe his father was Allen Chapman who married an Almira/Elvira/Almeria. I cannot locate too much information on either of them (save for a few census records). None of the records I can locate have Almira's last name or parents.


We believe they traveled from Connecticut Illinois and eventually to Michigan. Does anyone have a line that follows this path or have similar names?

Mike J Chapman

My Chapman line is as follows: Sharack Chapman 1755-1810 Laurens, SC; his son, James Lewis Chapman 1797-1852 Laurens SC died Newburgh, Warrick Co, Indiana; his son, Elisha Embree Chapman 1841-1902 Lynnville, Warrick Co, Indiana died Daingerfield, Texas; his son, Ben Chapman 1889-1963 Birthright, Texas died Ft Worth Texas; his daughter, Nancy Ladelle Chapman Johnson 1916-1983 Ft Worth TX died Aransas Pass, Texas; to her son/myself Michael Johnson 1948.


I was wondering if my line is associated with the Chapman Association.

Carol Reed Kennedy

I am a direct descendant of Nathaniel Chapter, b. 1703 to sons John and Jonathan. Is there any documentation Revolutionary War service for any of these Chapman’s?

Judith Chapman Syverson

My great great grandfather was James Nelson Chapman, he was born in Connecticut in 1831 and died in Steuben, Steuben County, New York on 22 May 1855. I believe he was married to Phebe Agusta Payne. Their son was James Robert Chapman. I am looking for James Nelson's parents' names and any information.

Jeremy Chapman

I have recently used for family history, and I believe I have traced my lineage all the way back to England to a Giles Chapman. That is all I can get. I have a family cemetery in S. C. They association could probably give me a little insight to the history. Chapman, ODELLGA 2/20.1923 - 6/24/1989 This was my grandfather. His son was Sherman Chapman.


I was curious about The Reverend Dr. Lyman, who was a friend of John Gadsby Chapman, and the famous Civil War Confederate soldier/artist Conrad Wise Chapman. If the Reverend Dr. Lyman rings any bells, please let me know.

Lois Kogut

Though I am not a direct Chapman descendant, I am searching for data on a collateral member of my family. Sarah Lansing McKinney married a William Sionk in Utica, NY. He was born West Stockbridge, Ma ca 1822 died about 1850, Utica, buried Forest HIll Cemetery,

Utica, NY. The mother of William Sink was Sabrina Chapman. Her tombstone has the following:

Sabrina Chapman, wife of John Sink, b. Jan 22 1794 Stockbrige Mass. Daugher of Caleb and Hannah Chapman, died Jan 20, 1880

John and Sabrina Chapman Sink had children born West Stockbridge MA
-Robert Sink 1820-1885
-William Sink 1822-1850
-Edward Sink 1831-1874
Henry Sink

I hope to find info on Caleb Chapman, who wed a Hannah?

Norman Jay Landerman-Moore

My efforts are focused on establishing the parentage of Thomas Chapman and his wife Anne Harding. I have confirmed their wedding at St. Mary's of Woolnoth, London, England on May 8th, 1610, shortly before he embarked on the vessel Tyall with the Virginia Company of London, under the leadership of Sir Thomas Dale.

The record becomes convoluted as to Thomas Chapman's parentage. Some indicate Benjamin Chapman and Ann Parkinson, others indicate a Thomas Chapman. I am hopeful that the Chapman Family Association will assist in breaking through this genealogical brick wall that I may advance my record.

Scott Chapman

I'm looking for a link. I looked through all your databases.
I am Scott Brandon Chapman > David Taft Chapman > L eon Curtis Chapman > Henry Jordan Chapman (?) > John Chapman (?).

Thomas Chapman

I have doing some lineage of my family on my father’s side of the family. I hit a dead end. I will start with me. I was born in 1952 in Anderson county TX. My father was Jack Holland Chapman born July 1915 in Anderson county Texas. His father was Abijah C Chapman born about 1888 in Texas. His father was Abner N Chapman born 1863 in Texas. His father was Jasper N Chapman born 1834 in Coffee Tenn. in 1834. His father was George Washington Chapman born 1810 in South Carolina. He married a Nancy Womack around 1832 in Coffee County Tenn. He was a blacksmith owned property and I think he was a constable in the Coffee county Tenn. That is where the trail ends. I found this information on Ancestry and Family Search. This has become some sort of obsession to me and any help would be deeply appreciated.

Kevin Franklin

I am the Historian for the Town of Colonie, N.Y. and the Village of Menands, which is one of two villages within the Town of Colonie. Several months ago I was contacted by a fellow named Steve Wiezbicki of Colorado who is in the process of writing a book about N.Y.’s 169th Volunteers during the Civil War. The Chaplain for this regiment was Rev. Edgar T. Chapman who was affiliated with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy, N.Y. Chapman’s affiliation with Troy’s 169th is extremely interesting.

Immediately after the Civil War ended, Chapman was the assistant rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy and was responsible for the construction of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in the Village of Green Island, N.Y. just west of Troy. Chapman later built the small church in the Village of Menands called the Free Church of St. Margaret’s, in the late 1880’s. In the 1890’s Chapman had a stained glass window dedicated to the men of Troy’s 169th installed in the Free Church of St. Margaret. A black and white image of this window appears in a publication called the Swartwout Chronicles (attached). The windows were removed from this church and sold in the 1980’s and we have recently located the Chapman 169th window to be in private hands in Schenectady, N.Y.

The Rev. Chapman lived on the Troy Road just south of the present day City of Watervliet. The Troy road is now called Rt. 32 Broadway. Apparently his home burned in the early 20th Century. Chapman is buried in the Hamilton family plot at the Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands. Chapman was born in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1829(?) and died here locally in 1911.

I would very much be interested in corresponding with any descendants of Rev. Edgar T. Chapman, who also had a son by the same name. I am interested in any photos of the family or the house as it stood before the fire. I would hope that all of Chapman’s worldly goods were not consumed by the fire.

Edwina Moody

I have been researching my Chapman line for a while. I tried to see if any of the genealogies on your site would connect with mine. I believe I am a descendant of Solomon Chapman who was a veteran of the French Indian War. He was b in 1696 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He married Hannah Strong on 8 Aug 1717 and they had 10 children. My ancestor was their 4th child, Deacon Elijah Chapman who was b abt 1726 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. Elijah Chapman married Sarah Steele on 28 May 1747 and they had 12 children. My ancestor was their sixth child, Daniel Chapman who fought in the Revolutionary War. He was b 25 Jul 1756 and married Lucretia Finch on 25 Oct 1788. They had 12 children also, my ancestor was their 5th child, Solomon B Chapman b 10 Jul 1798. ... Especially if I can get help finding out where my ancestor, Colonel Samuel Chapman Sr is buried.

Chris Tolendino

I am trying to research the Chapman side of my family and I know that I am related to a lot of Chapman’s who lived in Ellis, Kansas after 1870. I know that my Great x2 Grandfather, Thomas Chapman was born in Sittingbourne, Kent England and was an engineer for the UPRR in Ellis. I wonder if the Chapman Family Association is still active (I can't tell from the website that it is very active) and, if so, does your organization have any information on this branch of the Chapman family.


Allison believes her husband and son are direct members of the Chapman family. My husband is John David Chapman, born 1959, son of William Chapman and Vera Harvey. We have named our son Aeddon Nathaniel Chapman, born 2003 in Amesbury, MA. Any additional information on this family tree would be greatly appreciated.


Requesting information on their 2nd greatgrandmothers, and her parents and siblings. Mikki is looking for the parents and siblings of Cleore Elizabeth Chapman, b 1815 in Hartford, CT and who md 1835, Marshall Hayden Tryon, Jr. Mikki found their name and marriage date, along with an Octavia Chapman who married Hiram King in 1833, and both were married by the same minister, a Rev. G. F. Davis, within a few yrs of each other and Miikki is hoping this might mean Mikki is close to finding Cleore's parents. Mikki have also came across Clooria and Clarissa and Mikki knows that old handwritten records can sometimes be mistranslated. Mikki needs any light on this mysterious Cleore.


A few weeks ago I was helping my grandmother (Evelyn Aldrege Schaal) go through some boxes to redo some family scrapbooks/albums and came across a binder full of my grandfather's family tree (Alfred R. Schaal). I am curious to know more about his side of the family and how we came to America. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. My grandfather passed many years before I was born and none of us (my mother, grandmother, aunts, and uncles) are unable to tell me anything of his lineage.

What we do know is the following: Ammyson Chapman married Mary Ann Droullard. They had Florence P. Chapman who married Hubert Schuelter. They had Lena Maud Schuelter who married Henry Schaal (my greatgreat grandfather). They had Russell Henry Schaal who married Ella Birdie Jamison. They had Alfred Russell Schaal (12/26/1919-10/10/1979) who married Evelyn Aldredge (which resulted in at last count 14 grandchildren and 14(and counting) greatgrandchildren) They had Allyson Rebecca Schaal who married Timothy Dale Moore. Which resulted in me Courtney Michelle Moore.


Requesting assistance in locating ancestors: ...His name is Lampkin Chapman, which lived and owned property in Bossier, LA. He was indeed married to Anna Jones Chapman and as you have documented on your website they were married around 1891. Should you require more information please let me know. I would like to know if he is related to Scott Chapman married to Hattie Parker, from the same Parish.

Mary Jo

I am trying to get information and proofs on my Chapman line and just discovered your site. One of my deceased cousins gave me some information and I have guessed some thru leaves from ancestry dot com. My great grandmother is said to be Harriett Tiggie Chapman born 3 June 1800 in South Carolina and married Williamson T. Jordan. Is there any way and I can get more info on her and this line from your group. I did not find her name in the pages I looked thru on your site.


I wonder if the Chapman Association has any information regarding Sarah Chapman born Saybrook CT 5 April 1742 to John and Sarah (Jones) Chapman line of Nathaniel son of Robert Chapman the immigrant beyond what was published in the 1854 Chapman genealogy by F. W. Chapman. I would also like to put a query about her on the website but could not figure out how to do it.


I am a Chapman descendent, and have been trying to find information on my line. I stumbled on the Chapman Family Association website tonight, and while going through it I did not see anything on my line. However, I wanted to contact you anyway and maybe add my brief information if you would like it. My Chapman’s come out of Detroit, Michigan, and I am at a standstill in going back further. Do you know of Chapman’s with Michigan ancestors?


My grandfather was adopted by his Aunt Winter and her husband but he was a Chapman. I can trace back to the early 1800’s in Tennessee but family lore states that there was a Scotch-Irish Chapman that immigrated to the US that started the family here. It’s been reported that he had a very strong accent. I have pretty much exhausted my search resources on

The last ancestor I can trace here i n the states is: Robert Samuel Chapman, Born 1843 Mississippi US, Marriage 29 Jun 1866 – Yalobusha, Mississippi, US, Death 1880, Spouse Margaret Winter. Served in Ballantine’s Regiment of the 3rd Mississippi Calvary Battalion – also attached to Nathan Forrest’s Calvary. Robert had a brother named Allen. A story has gone around that Robert’s granddad was from Ireland. I’ve heard the Irish connection from my dad as a Scotch-Irish ancestry with an accent that was difficult to understand. He had sons Lee (my grandfather, whose full name was Robert Lee – became a Winter when adopted out to his Aunt), Lewis, Sarah (Sallie), Geneva and Julia and John. It may be that his father was Armour J. Chapman, born 1811 in Tennessee, US as the birth dates are in line for a Robert S. But I can
find no ancestor to Armour and am not even sure that Armour is Robert S’s father.

John Gullett

I have a Chapman ancestor, John Chapman, husband of Jane Tucker. He lived in Marblehead MA we think. His daughter Jane Chapman married William Pederick (1709 Bpt). Their daughter Mary Pederick (1783 bpt) married John Adams (l599 bpt -1804).
Their daughter Eliz Adams, married Capt. Thomas Martin. Their daughter Mary Adams Martin married capt Richard Brown. Their daughter Elizabeth Martin Brown married William C Knowland whose son Daniel P Knowland's daughter Nancy is my mother.

Ross Perry

I am looking for the parents and ancestry of Mary Chapman, who married my 5th ggf Daniel Peck in Norwich, CT on 7 October 1765. The Norwich record states she was Mrs. Mary Chapman of East Haddam.

Daniel and Mary Peck moved on to Pawlet, VT and then Scipio, NY. Known children were Esther (1766) and Sperry (1768). Esther married my 4th ggf, Asahel Adams, in 1790 in Pawlet

I should have added in my original query that since the Norwich record calls Mary Mrs. she might very well be a widow of a Chapman, and not a birth Chapman.

Katy Thomas

I have recently acquired documents for my Uncle Junior – Glennard Owen Chapman b. 1-8-1922 now deceased (but I don’t have his date of death at my fingertips). I received them from his wife, who is now living in Bokeelia, Florida, when I visited her earlier this month.


I thought you might like to add the information to your online data records, so I have attached the scanned copy of his Enlisted Record and Report of Separation – Honorable Discharge as well as the letter sent to my grandmother advising the family of his status as missing in action.

I am also in the process of reading a booklet written by one of the men in his flight crew, Neal Lauve. It is called ZDRAVOZDRAVO.
Zdravo is a Yugoslavian word meaning friendship. It recounts their ordeal of being shot down, found by the Partisans, split up and helped in their walk across Europe to neutral territory. I have inquired if it has been computerized or if not, if I would be allowed to scan it into pdf format. This information and the Discharge paper and letter have been uploaded into the Military Section of Databases from the CFA Home page.

Steven Chapman

I was hoping to get more information from Ira T Chapman #186 on the genealogy of Joseph Chapman. I was interested in the
children of Joseph Chapman Jr in particular. Joseph III may be in our direct line....

Steve Hill

I am a Hill family researcher (group 8 in Hill Surname Project) looking for a Chapman researcher working on a David Chapman/Tabitha
Hill Chapman family from NC with their children moving later to Georgia. David died in Chatham County NC around 1779. Witnesses on his will were Robert Hill and Abner Hill. Several of David’s children have the same given names of their Hill uncles/aunts/grandmother...

Renndee Clapp

I have been using and am certain of my family tree from myself through the two Robert Chapman(s) in Baltimore, MD.
However, I question the connection in many of the family trees on that connect them with yet another Robert Chapman who they claim is a descendant of Thomas Chapman in Jordan's Journey Virginia. For the life of me I cannot find proof or evidence connecting the Maryland Chapman’s to the early settlers in Virginia (Thomas Chapman). So, what I am looking for is the father of the second 'Robert Chapman' and where he came from & whether there are any ancestors known ~ prior to the 'Robert Chapman(s)'....

Sharon Kirkorian

I've had a land deed for about 25 years that is handwritten recording the sale of land/property to Thomas Gallup by J. Benjamin Chapman, yeoman, of Plainfield in the County of Whindham and Colony of Connecticut in New England. It being the thirty-fifth lot in number drawn by
Daniel Woodare... One whole share in the town of Plainfield in New Hampshire which share contains in it a river lot already laid out it is dated 5 day of July 1765 in the 5th Year of His Majesty's Reign. It is witnessed by Joshua Frink and Jemima Chapman. It is authorized (?) in the presence of Isaac Coit, Justice of Peace...

Lorenz Finison

I am doing an article on the North Shore Bicycling Tours of the 1880s and came across the name of Carlton T. Chapman as having participated. It seems likely that he was your CTC since he was an artist, specializing in marine art, and Gloucester was definitely a maritime city. Do you have any other information which would identify him as one and the same person? I can find no further local information about him, so I suspect that he was, as described, part of the summer population in the Gloucester area.

Elizabeth Brummer Vilagi

It looks like my grandmothers are directly linked back to Ruth Hill Chapman (7-30-1851) until the line breaks from Hervey. Hervey is directly linked to Robert (1616).

Evelyn Antoine

My Grandmother Marjorie Allen White was a DAR member since 1927. Our Revolutionary Ancestor is Nathaniel Chapman (Sarah/Sally Gott), whose son James Chapman (Mary Jewel) was the father of Martha Trask Chapman (Sylvanus Boardman) whose daughter was Laura Walton Allen (Charles Henry Allen) who was the mother of Carl Alton Allen Sr (Lily Brown Allen) who was the father of my Grandmother (Marjorie Allen White) whose son is Randolph Allen White, my father. I have read in numerous notations that my Nathaniel Chapman (Revolutionary War Private/Minute Man/Body Guard) is a direct descendant of Edward of Ipswich. I believe through Edward's son Nathaniel's line, although I have not been able to establish for myself yet. I believe that I belong to the Chapman family and would like to find out how to apply for membership and to find out what information I might be able to obtain from other family members... I have photos pretty much all the way up to James Chapman. I have copies of old tin types from my Grandmothers personal collection which she gave me a long time ago. My Grandmother passed away in 2003....

Michael Johnson

The Joisah Frost people - three of them - listed below are consistent with my family's Connecticut history. I'm looking for documentation to
support the events, the dates and the parentage of the people listed below.

60. Philo Parker b. 26-NOV-1809, S. Coventry, CT, m. 1836, Huldah Frost, b. 21-OCT-1808, Wilbraham, MA, d. 05-DEC-1896. Philo died 22-Feb-1888.

61. Huldah Frost b. 21-OCT-1808, Wilbraham, MA, d. 05-DEC-1896.

122. Josiah Frost b. 6-Sep-1780, m. 8-May-1806, Nancy Bourne, b. 11-Nov-1783, d. 8-Sep-1854. Josiah died 5-Oct-1841.
123. Nancy Bourne b. 11-Nov-1783, d. 8-Sep-1854.
244. Josiah Frost b. 6-Jul-1745, Willington, CT, m. 23-Nov-1775, Patience Hammond, b. 17-May-1746, d. 12-Mar-1823. Josiah died 3-May-1822.
245. Patience Hammond b. 17-May-1746, d. 12-Mar-1823.
488. Josiah Frost b. 24-Jul-1706, Windsor, CT, m. 8-Nov-1739, in Windsor, CT, Mary Paulk, b. 8-Feb-1723, Tolland, CT. Josiah died 1749.
489. Mary Paulk b. 8-Feb-1723, Tolland, CT.

Melissa Chapman-Finnell

I am a descendent of James Faithfull Chapman; Harry Raymond Chapman; Ivan Chapman etc. I am looking for family history and
being in touch with relatives. Ivan Chapman had 4 sons, 2 of which still farm in the Dawson area and nearby community.

Matt Chapman

Matt is researching his ancestors. He is having trouble finding solid information for John Chapman of Marblehead, MA. The Marblehead Vital
Records books lists his marriage to Lenora Bowden on 9/6/1831. The record shows that his parents were Samuel Chapman Jr and Susanna Swan. The book shows that couple having several children but not John Chapman. Census data seems to indicate that John Chapman was born around 1809 and died between 1852 and 1860. Any help in tracking this guy down would be greatly appreciated.

Dick and Dorothy Mickey

My wife is Dorothy (Peppers) Mickey. Her mother was Emma Lavona Chapman who was the daughter of William Biggs Chapman, granddaughter of William Wooten Chapman, great granddaughter of Francis Marion Chapman. We currently have a book called Chapman Yesteryears by Florence (Chapman) Pike, 1977. Is there a more recent version of the Chapman family?

Betty Filkins

My Grandmother was Ruth Chapman 1903-1993. Her father was John Fredrick Chapman and they lived in Alcove. Albany Co New York. She remembered her Grandfather was William and she had an Uncle Bill but that’s as far as we get.

T. Chapman

I ran across your web site since all I know is my grandfather's name and where he is from I am having an issue finding any further info. With most of them gone and lack of money as my aunts and uncles grew up they did not know most of the family. Here is the info I know, would you be able to help me out or lead me ion the right direction?

ROBERT J. CHAPMAN was born on 15 September 1921, in Pennsylvania, USA.

Robert died on 22 February 2000, aged 78, in Indiana.
METTIE RUTH CHAPMAN (WHITSON) (Robert's wife) was born on 7 August 1921.
Mettie became generally known as Ruth. Ruth died on 16 February 2008, aged 86.
Robert J. Chapman 32 married Mettie Ruth Chapman (Whitson). They had four children:
Patricia A Carr (Chapman) 23 in 1949
Robert Chapman 26 in 1950
David Chapman 29
Helen Watts (Chapman) 30

Robert Anderson Chapman

I want to research medical issues associated with the Chapman family. All the data I have is below. I have just started working on my family
tree and have sent in my DNA samples to the GeneTree. I am hopeful all can help me navigate the research.

Father: Leon Chapman DOB 10-10-1929, Alvarado, TX
Mother: Novella Fern Chapman, Born Dec 13, 1930, Eric, OK
Grandfather: James Anderson Sylvester Chapman DOB: 12/24/1889 Died: 01/00/1980, Alvarado, TX 76009


Nancy Jean Salvi is looking for the parents of her 5th generation great grandfather, Reuben Chapman Sr., born ca 1761 CT. She believes his father is Collins Chapman Sr, born 1732 Saybrook CT. LDS records list Collins Sr. with 4 children. Collins JR (well documented) is born 1757, a second child (female) is born ca 1759, and a 3rd child (male) Chapman is born ca 1761. She thinks this third child is my Reuben Chapman Sr.

A CFA member #589, David Westley Chapman, listed his Chapman ancestors, and I believe the elder Collins Chapman is my Reuben's father. Everything fits....She does not have proof. Here is what she knows:

Reuben (born ca 1761) married Hannah Botsford (born ca 1765) in Derby New Haven CT in 1780, He appears in the Derby New Haven CT Census for 1790, and I don't see him again.

His son, R(euben) Chapman Jr (born ca 1781) appears in the 1810 Oxford New Haven CT Census, and even he disappears after that. Reuben Jr's wife, Polly, dies in 1813, the same year their daughter Polly Ann Chapman is born.

Daughter Polly Ann Chapman (born 1813), of Oxford. Marries Thomas Robinson in 1836.

Their daughter Sarah Maria Robinson married James Livingston Adams in 1857...continuing the line to me.


Lowell Ray Anderson happened on to the Chapman Family Association website when searching the Internet to verify some information on my wife's gggrandfather.

He was Isaac Chapman, born in China, Maine in the late 1700s, married Mercy Doe and had a daughter Rebecca F. born on 3 Feb 1817. Isaac was supposedly a sea captain and was supposedly killed in the war of 1812.

In your website database War of 1812 Chapman’s I cannot identify him, nor do I find any Chapman as being from Maine.

I did find him in the War of 1812 Land BountyIndex, but something seems to me amiss here: Chapman, Isaac SO2511, SC2687 Bounty 62001601812
Pvt Capt Stanley’s Co Mass Mil, Capt EA Allen’s Co US inf 1/1//1813-8/4/1813, 9/4/1813-29/6/1815
Residence 1871 Pittston, Kennebec Co Maine died Oct 8, 1848 China Maine wife Mercy Doe m July 24, 1803 Vassalboro Maine d Nov 7, 1876. In that he is shown as residing in Pittston, Main in 1871 though he is shown as having died in 1848.


Leela A. Chapman (#470) is looking for proof or documentation that William Simon Chapman was the son of Lewis Neal Chapman and Sally Pointer. This is a cousin of #505 that I’m doing a DAR Application for.


Jeri Winkler is requesting information on LEWIS NEIL CHAPMAN, born Feb. 1779, died April 1863. He was married to SALLY POINTER, born 1782, died 1825. They both died in KY. I'm looking for information on their children.


Virginia Sharp is looking for more descendants of Leicester Chapman from Asheville, NC. There was one child, Robert Chapman, who moved to Texas.


Deanne Taylor is requesting any assistance with researching her newly discovered Chapman ancestors. She is looking for information on; WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Sr., who was born circa 1772 in Connecticut, possibly New Hartford. William, Sr. it appears died sometime after 1850 in Middlebury, Vermont. He was possibly married to an ANNE CORRE. William and Anne had at least two children; LUCY JANE CHAPMAN (1806-1860) and WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Jr. (1809-1897). Both Williams appear in the 1850 Vermont Census, Addison County in the town of Middlebury. Looking for information on WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Sr., his parents and if his wife was indeed, ANNE CORRE.


CFA member, Phyllis (Shelly) Chapman is requesting CFA assistance with researching her line. She is looking for information on the following people; SAMUEL CHAPMAN, who was supposedly born circa 1812-1813 in Hampshire County, Virginia. He was married to MARY JONES, born 2 January 1815 in the same county. The family is in the 1840 census of Licking County, Ohio – in the same county there resides TIMOTHY CHAPMAN, JOSEPH CHAPMAN and SALATHIEL CHAPMAN. Timothy and Salathiel are in the 50-60 age range while Joseph is 30-40 and Samuel is 20-30. By 1860 – Samuel and family are in Illinois.

Mike and Anna Louise

Mike and Anna Louise Hetzel have contacted CFA looking for information on a Stephen Chapman, born June 1762 in Hadlyme, Ct. and married in 1780 in Lyme, NH. He entered Revolutionary forces from Spencertown, NY as a substitute for Samuel (presumably a brother).


Barbara E. Hew has contacted CFA looking for information on Lucy Chapman from SC who married a Lemuel Clement.


Elaine Chapman Booth has contacted CFA in reference to the DNA Project, seeking information for Amos Chapman born approx. 1745 in Cumberland Co PA. Amos’s father was John Chapman who died in Shelby County Kentucky around 1820 and may have been the son of a William Chapman who lived in Cumberland Co PA in 1750-52. Amos had a son, John Chapman born 1791 and married Betsy Rodman. They had sons William Rodman, John A, Amos B, and Hugh Rodman Chapman.


Steve Valenta has contacted CFA looking for information on George Harold Chapman (1890-1967), and his father, Solomon Austin Chapman (1858-1909)from Tipton, Iowa. Other known information: S.A. Chapman's father was Rev. Charles Stowe Chapman (1832-1910) born Binghamton, N.Y., died in Tipton, Iowa. Charles parents are believed to have been Austin Benjamin Chapman (1809-1877) born in Connecticut, died in Tipton, Iowa


Colleen Barnett has contacted CFA looking for information on John (Johnny Appleseed) Chapman, possible uncle, and her grandparents Frank Benjamin Chapman born 12/8/1881 and married in 1/06/1906 to Carrie Fiebelkorn born 1/23/1883.They were from New York State and lived in the small town of Cherry Creek.


Darlene Block has contacted CFA looking for information on Thomas Chapman, a revolutionary war soldier, national id # A020974. Born 28 May 1758 in Maryland and died 1814 in Warren Co. Ky. Married to a Rebecca Tood. Possibly connected to a Rev. Giles Chapman of the Brethern faith.


Julie Albright (Chapman) has contacted CFA looking for information on her family line. Her grandparents were Floyd and Bessie Chapman. Floyd was born in the Oklahoma Indian territory and was in the US Cavalry. Floyd had two brothers, Earl and Rufus (Pete), and two sisters, Susan (Susie) and Ruby.


Phillip Maine has contacted CFA looking for information on the family of Mary Chapman born 1684 Prince George, Prince George County, VA died 1721 Prince George, Prince George County, VA she married James Harrill born 3 May 1679 in Northlumberland County, VA died 1762 in Prince George, Prince George County, VA. My sources say her father was a Thomas Chapman Harrell-Dye-Parnell-Fry family tree. Please note Mary Chapman is the nearest chapman in my family.


Sandra Chapman Melnychenko has contacted CFA looking for information on George William Chapman. Born 24 Dec. 1848 to Alfred Mundy Chapman and Sarah Haverfield. Came to US from UK with Brother Thomas Chapman while teenagers.


Anthony L. Pesce has contacted CFA looking for information on John Wesley Chapman (20 Dec 1855 - 15 May 1922) Born in Ohio. Married to Martha Emily Eaks. Specifically, looking for information on parents.


Anna Dorsey Cooke Allison has contacted CFA looking for information on Catherine Chapman, who married Francis Whlting Cooke about 1840 in Gloucester County, VA. She died October 22, 1870. Her parents were THOMAS CHAPMAN and FANNY [FRANCES ?]


Sue Cooper has contacted CFA looking for information on Archibald Chapman, of Sumner, Co. TN.


Suzanne Clary, President of the Jay Heritage Center in Rye, NY. has contacted CFA looking for information on William P. Chapman, his family, and Whitby Castle.


James Bates has contacted CFA looking for information on a first name >Felon, Felan, Fylon, Faylon > last name Chatmon, Chapmon, Chatman, Chapman.


Gale Stanford has contacted CFA looking for information on Chapman’s from the Isle of Wight in the 1600-1700’s. He is specifically needing source documentation for the marriage of Frances Chapman to Thomas Gale.


Bob Dickey has contacted CFA looking for information on a Clinton Chapman, with whom he served with in Viet Nam. They were in Mike Company, 3rd battalion, 27th Marine regiment (M Co. 3/27)


James has contacted CFA with significant information on a Joe Chapman, Trail Driver (1854-1941) buried in the Benton City, TX Cemetery. He was born in TN. In addition he has information on a Sarah Bartlett Chapman born in Westchester Co., NY and photo of tombstone of Ulysses (Mar.31, 1808 - Dec. 7, 1895) & Sarah Bartlett Chapman (Jan15, 1826 - Apr. 16, 1911) married Sep.30, 1846. Further he has information on the descendants of an Asahel Chapman born in TN.


My name is Janice. I am searching for verification that my greatgrandmother Margaret Chapman Ross was born on the Chapman farm circa 1854 in Butler County, KY. She was a slave there until her escape to Mound City, KS in 1863. I have documentation of her life on that KY farm.

Del Groves

I am a Summers researcher and today found your Chapman Family website. It’s a great site! I descend from Dent Summers c1727-1809
brother of Rev. Joseph Summers (whose dau. Mary m. Giles Chapman). I’ve recently begun to concentrate my research on the family of Rev. Joseph Summers and hope that you can share any data; names of children, birth/death, marriages, etc. He then goes on to say: while researching today, I found a link Historic houses of South Carolina which may be of interest to you, i.e., lists Sarah Chapman m. 1795 John Craig in SC.