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Come join the fun.

The Chapman Family Association (CFA) meets each year in June. Each conference is intended to bring together members of the various Chapman families to discuss our research efforts, share ideas and techniques, and develop methods each of us can use to enhance the breath and depth of our family lines.

Meeting places are selected by the membership present at the annual meeting for the meeting two years ahead. The meeting place for this year was selected by the members in meetings two years ago. The place for next year was selected last year.

See current info and update below.

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Salt Lake City, Utah


Join us in Salt Lake City, UT June 21 - 22, 2024

                                         MARK YOUR CALENDARS - 2024 CHAPMAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE - June 21 - 22 - Salt Lake City, UT

This will be our 22st gathering and we're going back to a place we have visited before that has a one of the best genealogical research facilities in the country. Registration will be on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning with discussions, meetings and presentations on Friday and Saturday. Saturday evening we will have a group dinner and presentation.

More information will follow here and on our FaceBook page.

See you in Salt Lake City!!!!

Registration Form is being updated
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