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List of books & CDs (as opposed to just pages from a book)

Alford, Gilbert K. 1989 Chapman Directory. Author, 1988. 142p, paperback; special index. FH002

Ambrose, Florene Burton. Jammie Seay: His Descendants and Other Allied Families. Published 1977 by Lorene Ambrose Barnett. 187p. FHL US/CAN Film1036320 Item 4 FH049 

American Heritage. A Sense of History: The Best Writing from the Pages of American Heritage. Introductory note by Byron Dobell. Houghton Mifflin Company. (Article on Johnny Appleseed). FH096

Berry, Brian J.L., PhD. The Ancestry Of Fanny Barnes And Her Husband Thomas Knight; Family relationships in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Long Island, 1620-1820. Prestige Printers, Inc., c1989. FHL US/CAN Film1651483 Item 6 FH004

Berry, Brian J.L., PhD. Northern Neck Families: The Ancestors of Susan Frances Chapman, Alexander Chapman and Pearson, plus Connecting Lines including the Balls, Macraes and Washingtons, 125p.Index. FHL US/CAN Fiche6104787 FH005

Berry, Brian J.L., PhD. The Rufus Parks Pedigree: Seventeen Centuries of One Family's Ancestry. Prestige Printer, Inc., c1989. 166p. Index. FH006

Berry, Brian J.L., PhD. The Shapleigh, Shapley Family; A Comprehensive Genealogy, 1635-1993. 534p. Index. Ancestors from Devonshire; Kingsweare/Kittery; Charlestown; Northumberland Co., VA; Marblehead; Isles of Shoals; Tennessee/Mississippi; Cudleigh; Denbury/Houston. Early origins, 1993. FH007

Berry, Brian J.L., PhD. Westward The American Shapleys: The Family and Descendants of David Shapley, a Seventeenth-Century Marblehead Fisherman, with Pedigrees of the Spouses (Atwater, Berry, Chapman, Coleman, French, Parks, Talmage, Utter and Connecting Lines). English Ancestry and American Descent of Five additional Shapley Immigrants: Alexander, John, Nicholas, Philip and Reuben, 1987. 466p. FHL US/CAN Fiche 6088873 FH008

Birmingham, Stephen. America’s Secret Aristocracy. Little, Brown and Company, c1987 334p FH116

Bower, Eugene. Joseph and Lydia "Fleming" Cummins. Cal-Na Bindery, Sacramento, CA, c1995. 738p, hardcover, acknowledgements, indexed. FH02


Boyle, Frederick R. and R. Austin Chapman. Chapman Family History; some Descendants of Edward Chapman of Ipswich, MA, Through the Line of Joseph Chapman of Sanbornton, NH, and MI With Collateral Lines. Privately printed, c2004. FH059

Chapman, B. B. (Billy Blanchard), Lyman and Mary Chapman. St. Paul [Minnesota] : B. Chapman, 1980. 201 p. : ill., geneal. tables, ports. FH076

Chapman, Beauford William. Chapman Family History. Grass Valley, California : B.W. Chapman, 1987 340 p. : ill., ports. FH077

Chapman, Beau. The Commencement: A Story For All Seasons, c2006. FIC001

Chapman, David R. The Samuel Chapman Family of Virginia 1700-1773 and his descendants. Privately printed. c2011. FH118

Chapman, Dean. Looking Ahead While Falling Behind, Moments of Laughter and Reflection. Pleasant Hill Press, Lafayette, California, c2000. FIC003

Chapman, Dean. The Dog Ate My “Things To Do” List. Pleasant Hill Press, Lafayette, California, c2004. FIC005

Chapman, Dean. Where Was I when Time Went By? Pleasant Hill Press, Lafayette, California, c1998. FIC004

"Conrad Wise Chapman" American Art Review, Feb 1997, p150-160. FH026

Chapman, Ira with Jewell Chapman and Nancy Crayton. Chapman Family History: From Our Earliest Documented Root s in Picken County, SC in 1798. 181p, softbound, indexed. FH022

Chapman, Ira Thomas, Jr. with Jewell Lambert Chapman and Nancy Chapman Crayton. A Chapman Family History; From Our Earliest Documented Roots in Halifax County, VA 1745. 3rd edition, 2004. 209p FH057

Chapman, Jacob. A Genealogy, Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Mass., 1642-1678 and His Descendants. Micro-reproduction of original published Concord NH, Republican Press, 1893. vii, 139p 2 leaves of plates, portraits, indexes. FH016

Chapman, Jesse Pugh. Giles Chapman of Bridlington and His Descendants. Asheville, NC. Author c1976. 715p, 29cam, hardcover, indexed. FH020

Chapman, R.D. A Georgia Soldier in the Civil War: 1861-1865. The original book was written by Robert Duncan Chapman and published in 1922, 99p. FH003

Chapman, Rev. F.W. The Chapman Family or The Descendants of Robert Chapman, One of the First Settlers of Saybrook, Connecticut., With Genealogical Notes of William Chapman, Who Settled in New London, Connecticut; Edward Chapman, Who Settled at Windsor, Connecticut; John Chapman, of Stonington, Connecticut; and Rev. Benjamin Chapman, of Southington, Connecticut. Case, Tiffany and Co., 1854, reprint Higginson Book Company. 413p, illus, coat of arms, hardcover, indexed. FHL US/CAN Film896749 Item 2 FH017

Chapman, Sigsmunda Mary Frances. A History of Chapman and Alexander Families. The Dietz Printing Company, Richmond, Virginia, 1946. Reprint Higginson Book Company. (softbound) 305p FHL US/CAN Film1321120 Item 2 FH053

Chapman, Thomas C., Compiler. The Chapman Trail. Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH, c1985 FHL US/CAN Fiche6049347 FH045

Chipman, Alberto Lee. Chipmans of America. Ye Chipman Printery, Publishers, Poland, Maine, 1904. Reprint Higginson Book Company (softbound) 232p FHL US/CAN Film1321118 Item 10 FH056

Clark, Letha (Channell) with Nevalene (Baker) Wood, editor. The Washita Farm also known as The Chapman Farm. Johnston County Historical & Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 804, Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460. 156p OK001

Coker, Caleb, Editor. The News From Brownsville: Helen Chapman's Letters from the Texas Military Frontier, 1848-1852. Published for the Barker Texas History Center by the Texas State Historical Association No. 2 in the Barker Texas History Center Series c1992. FH041

Culbertson, Sidney Methoiot, Compiler. The Hunter family of Virginia and Connections. Denver, Colorado, 1934. Reprint Higginson Book Company (softbound) 22p. FHL US/CAN Fiche 6060548 FH055

Edmonds, Elsie Chapman. John Chapman of Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Thomas Powe of Cheraw, South Carolina, and related families. Self-published?, MS 421p illus hardcover indexed. FH018

Eller, Sylvia Klope Then Are the Children Free. Vantage Press, New York, c2007, softcover. FIC002

Ferris, Mary Walton, Compiler. Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines: A Memorial Volume Containing the American Ancestry of Mary Beman (Gates) Dawes, Volume II Gates and Allied Families. Privately printed 1931. FH028 Includes what author gathered on Edward of Windsor and Robert of Saybrook. FHL US/CAN Film1035529 Item 2 FH047

Gerard, Charles B. Descendants of Ralph Chapman. F. M. Ruttenber & Son, Neyburgh, NY, 1876. Reprint Higginson Book Company, n.d. (softbound) 80p FHL US/CAN Film896940 Item 5 FH054

Gibbs, Mildred Chapman. From Culpeper County to the Teays Valley: The Story of the John and Jane Donaho Chapman family and Those Related by Marriage. Author, revised 1978. FH043

Hudson, Mrs. Lillian Chapman. Genealogical Notes Of The Descendants Of Edward Chapman Title Page, Introduction, Preface, Genealogy and Indexes. FH011

Littell, Judge Noble K., Compiler. The Chapman Family. computer printed, Sebring, Florida, August, 1996. 81p Index. FH009

Littell, Judge Noble K., Compiler. Littell Families History & Genealogy, Volume 1 & 2. Published by Genealogy Publishing Service for Littell Families of America, Inc., c1994. Available from the Author. FHL US/CAN Film1425089 Item 1 Vol. 2 FHL US/CAN Film1425089 Item 2 FH042

Littell, Judge Noble K., Compiler. Some Ancestors & Descendants of John Chapman (1729- ca1780); a working draft. Index. Author, 2001 FH046

McCarley, Maryanne DeWeese. Journey Into Yesterday (A Family History). Copy of original book. FH051

Martinazzi, Toni. Albert Rice Chapman:1866-1948, And His Descendants. Author, c1993. 307p, index. FHL US/CAN Film1698001 Item 3 FH044

Morgan, Robert. Lions of the West: Heroes and Villains of the Westward Expansion. A Shannon Ravenel Book; Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, c2011. 497p FH020

Saunders, Dorothy Chapman. Robert Chapman - David Thomson allied family lines : 93 allied family lines from Robert Chapman, Sr., Saybrook, Conn., 1635, and David Thomson, Portsmouth, N.H., 1623. Spine title: Ancestral lines of Robert Chapman and David Thomson,Vero Beach, Florida : D.C. Saunders Co., c1983 (Stuart, Florida : Southeastern printing) 333 p. FH078

Shapley, Mrs. Margaret W., Compiler. The Family and Descendants of Roswell Deloss Shapley. August, 1968, 20p. FHL US/CAN Film1750784 Item 12 FH010

Shapley, Mrs. Margaret W., Compiler. The Family and Descendants of Rufus Wilson Parks. Author, 1968. FHL US/CAN Film1697425 Item 12 FH021

Sonfield, Robert L. Jr, comp. Chapman Census. Georgia 1850. Intro, author, 1994, 119p, index. GA007

Sonfield, Robert L. Jr, comp. Chapman Census. Georgia 1880. Intro, author, 1994, 235p, alpha. GA006

Thompson Katharine Foster, Editor. Chapter and Verse: The Annotated Diaries of Asa Lansford Foster (1798-1868). Author, c1992 FH040



Ellsworth, Phil. Edward Chapman of Ipswich, MA. FH115A

Ellsworth, Phil. Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusetts Part 1 and 2. FH115B

McCarley, Maryanne. Journey Into Yesterday (A Family History). FH114

Chapman, Ira Allen. The Samuel Chapman Family. 1909 FH113

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