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CFA Library - Europe

Biddiscombe, Brian et al. The Old Order Changeth: How Gainford (ENG) governed itself from medieval times to the present day. Published and reproduced by the Christian Inheritance Trust, c1994. Title page, Preface, Introduction, page on parochial church council: A Chapman 29 (in picture of Gainford Parish Council). ENG001


Burke, John, Esq. A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of The British Empire, Vol. I, Fourth Edition. First edition 1826. ENG004


Burke, John Esq. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Second edition. Genealogical Publishing Co. IRE005


Campbell, Charles. The Intolerable Hulks: British Shipboard Confinement 1776-1857. With Foreword by Esther Heffernan. Heritage Books, Inc. 1994. ENG002


Clarke, R. S. J., comp. Gravestone Inscriptions, Volume 2 County Down: Baronies of Upper and Lower Castlereagh. Ulster-Scot Historical Society, Belfast, IRE, n.d. IRE001


Coldham, Peter Wilson. The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. IRE006


Coldham, Peter Wilson. Child Apprentices in America from Christ’s Hospital, London: 1617-1778. Genealogical Publishing Co.. c1990. ENG003


Dobson, David. Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations: 1650-1775. Clearfield Company Reprints and Remainders. SCO001


Falley, Margaret Dickson, B.S. Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research: A Guide to the Genealogical Records, Methods and Sources in Ireland, Volume 1 Repositories and Records. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. IRE007


Glazier, Ira A., Editor. The Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851. Volume VI June 1850-March 1851. Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1985. IRE008


Glazier, Ira A. editor and Michael Tepper, Editor. The Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851., Volume V October 1849 – May 1850. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1985. IRE002


A Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills. Clearfield Company. 1972. IRE004


O’Hart, John. Irish Pedigrees or, The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation. Fifth Edition in two volumes, Vol. II. Genealogical Publishing co., Inc. IRE003

Visitation of Ireland. Six Volumes in One. Clearfield Company IRE009

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