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Moses Chapman
b. 1756 Possibly at Granville Co., North Carolina
Ancestor #
Y-DNA Haplogroup:

Photo of David Tuck Chapman, grandson of Moses Chapman

Family Manager:
Barry M. Chapman, Tasmania, Australia
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DISCLAIMER: These documents are subject to change as evidence dictates.  Genealogy is not something that is ever completely finished. Time and technology tends to catch up with the best works. If in reading the following offerings you believe you have a correction or different version, do not hesitate to discuss it with the family manager.

Moses Chapman

b. 1756 possibly at Granville Co., NC


married 23 Dec 1789 Halifax Co., VA

Sarah "Sallie" Tuck


1. Joseph Chapman b. 1790 d. 1852

married Nancy Irby


David T. Chapman b. 1816

2. Anthony Chapman b. 1821 d. aft 1867

married Sarena A. Ellison


Jemima/Gemima Ellen Chapman b. 1845/6

Mary J. Chapman b. 1848/9

William Wiley Chapman b. 1851/2

Nancy C. Chapman b. 1854/5

Edmund D. Chapman b. 1856

Joshua B. Chapman b. 1858/9

John Shels Chapman b. 1861/2

James Chapman b. 1866/7

3. Jarrett Chapman b. 1822 d.

4. Lucinda Chapman b. 1827 d.

5. Edmund Beverly Chapman b. 1826

married Martha Ann Holt


Ambrose H. Chapman b. 1859

Nancy Chapman b. 1861

Lewis Chapman b. 1864/5

John Henry Chapman b. 1867

Mary J. Chapman b. 1869/70

Eliza Chapman b. 1871/2

Charley Chapman b. 1872/3

Anthony Chapman b. 1876 d. 1847 (Twin)

Benjamin Chapman b. 1876 d. 1850 (Twin)

Meshack "Shack" Chapman b. 1878 (Twin)

Shadrack "Shade" Chapman b. 1878 (Twin))

James Chapman b. 1882

6. Wiley Huddleston Chapman b. 1829 d. 1911

married Nancy Ann Dittemore

7. Sarah Ann Chapman b. 1832 d. 1905

married John Goodin Jr.

​8. Rebecca Chapman b. 1833

married George Garner

​9. Margaret Chapman b. 1835/6

married John Ellison

​10. Elizabeth Chapman b. 1838

married Lewis Bailey

​5. John Chapman b. 1840

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